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The Eight Rivers Security Store brings together simple but very effective home and personal security devices that can be added in minutes without the assistance of tradesmen!

Protect yourself from knife, bite or glass attacks!

SlashPRO cut resistant clothing offers the worlds best protection against knife and blade attacks. Manufactured from Cut-Tex® PRO found only in SlashPRO products.


Protect entrances with our range of door and window security products.

Easy fit glass break sensors can give you advanced warning of an attempted break-in.

Defend yourself with a Personal Alarm.

Recommended by UK Police Forces to aid in your safety and deter attack.

Personal AlarmsPersonal Alarms are one of the best forms of defence that can deter an aggressor and prevent attack!


Designed to emit a loud siren when activated, a personal alarm can summon attention from those around you to your situation and bring assistance.

Will also deter your attacker due to the loud alarm being sounded.

Our range includes personal alarms for the individual who may require one on a casual day to day basis through to ‘professional’ alarms for trade and business use.

window security intruderAlthough the risk of becoming a victim of crime is relatively low in the UK, the risk is still there.


With increasing pressure on UK Police Forces from budget cuts, it is prudent to do all we can to reduce our exposure to potential crime.

We can supply low cost Home Security and Personal Security products from just a few pounds that can aid in you safety and security whilst out or at home.
 From Cut Resistant Clothing and UK Legal Defence Sprays to stand alone Motion Sensor Alarms, we should have a security product for your needs.

Chinese Flowers ila Dusk Personal Alarm

The Ila Dusk Personal Alarm is one of the most popular alarms in the UK.

Designed to emit a 'Scream' rather than a conventional siren!

Minder Personal Alarm

Minder Personal Alarm as recommended by the BBC. Extremely loud!

Still the UK's best selling, loudest and our most recommended Personal Alarm.

MA30 Mini PIR Alarm With Remote Control

The MA30 Motion Sensor Alarm is a standalone, all-in-one security solution.

Featuring a loud 130 dB alarm siren should movement be detected, this is perfect for protecting your home, business or shed.

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View our range of Home Security products that can all be fitted with the minimum of installation in minutes. Personal security is often an area where most of us pay little attention to in our day to day lives. We will also have a personal alarm suited to your needs. If you are male or female, we will have an alarm to give you discreet protection.

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