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Personal and home security are often two aspects of life that we pay little attention to until we become a victim of crime.

Until recently, protecting your home or business required a large investment and installation of a large, complicated security system.

Personal security was paid almost no attention to at all!

Eight Rivers Security was created to address these issues. Based in London since 2011, we can supply you with the best security products at a great price.

With the advancement of technology and new innovations in the security field, low cost but very effective personal and home security products became available to people of all budgets.

Small electronic devices can help secure your home and business for just a few pounds.

It is now easy to secure your doors and windows within seconds without any installation experience and minimal expense.

All our home security products can be used alone or to compliment your existing security system.

Due to some of the strictest laws in the world regarding the act of self-defence, we in the UK are not able to purchase the same types of personal security products that others are able to equip themselves with.

This does not mean we are helpless – we have identified three methods to help prevent us from becoming a victim of crime.

UK legal Defence Sprays (criminal markers) that eject a harmless but very difficult to remove dye to disorientate and stain your attacker.

Personal Alarms are designed to be carried at all times and emit a very loud siren once activated. They should be used if you feel threatened and require the assistance of others. The siren is also designed to shock and deter the potential attack.

What we do

Provide security

One of the most recent personal protection areas that was impossible only just a few years ago is cut, slash and bite resistant clothing.

These garments are lightweight and comfortable but can prevent injury from slashing knife, glass or human bite attacks without the need for inferior Kevlar. They are also suitable got protecting those in the sheet metal and glass handling industries.

After months of careful research with manufacturers from around the world, we decided to supply PPSS products. PPSS supply the best cut resistant products available anywhere in the world.

Personal security is an area that is so often overlooked in the UK due to the stringent laws on self defence.

Although we stock a large array of personal and home security products, we recommend three approaches to give you added security:

- We stock the best in Personal Alarms as well as devices that can prevent purse and bag theft. I’m sure we are all aware of the risks of bag snatching and purse theft so a Purse Alarm is the perfect solution.

- We supply low cost, easy to install Home Protection alarms that are designed to be fitted in minutes without any professional help required.

- Simple Door And Window Alarms are a very cost effective way of securing your home.

We also believe in customer discretion, privacy and financial security offering some of the best website security available.

All orders made through us will clearly be shown on your credit card, bank statement or PayPal account and will be appear as “Eight Rivers”.

Supplying to both the private customer and businesses, we are sure we will have a security product to meet your needs.