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Best Home Security Products

A good home security system should never rely on a single device to warn against break-ins or intruders.

The basis of a security system is to be alerted to an intruders presence or to deter them to start with.

Ideally, this should be before they have attempted entry. A Dummy CCTV Camera will be a good exterior deterrent.

Replica / Dummy CCTV Camera

Next, an external PIR based alarm can alert you an intruders (or visitors) presence without their knowledge.

Driveway Alarm With Remote Control

Out buildings, garages and sheds should also be guarded with a good PIR alarm.

The Shed Alarm is a good low cost option.

Garden Shed Alarm MKII

 The excellent MA30 PIR Alarm will also provide security for outbuildings.

MA30 Mini PIR Alarm With Remote Control

Next is to be alerted to any windows or external doors being forced.

The Door & Window Alarm will sound as soon as any door or window it is fitted to, is opened.

Magnetic Door and Window Alarm with Chime will protect from intruders

A Door Handle Alarm simply hung on the interior side of a metal door handle will sound should someone touch the exterior part of handle.

Door Handle Alarm

The Window Alert Alarm will sound a loud siren should an attack on any window or glass door it is fitted to be detected.

Window Break Alarm

Inside the premises, once again, the MA30 PIR Alarm can be fitted to a wall to cover entrance points or entire rooms. The alarm will sound should movement be detected.

The Door Wedge Alarm can be pushed against a bedroom or other door to prevent it being forced open. It features a very loud alarm should someone try.

Door Wedge Alarm

A Door Handle Alarm or Door Alarm can also be used on interior doors.

Minder Door Alarm

This is just an example of a low cost security system. Any of the products on this page will aid in your security, even if it's just a few items.

Home break-ins and burglary are some of the most devastating experiences for a home owner or resident.

A few simple steps can be taken to minimise the chances of you becoming a victim.

Some protection requires an initial cost and but others are entirely free and yet some people do not take these measures to protect their property.

Some simple, seemingly obvious advice can help prevent you from becoming a victim of burglary.

Quite often, a burglar will break into your house just to obtain your car keys.

The success in recent years by car manufactures to fit decent locks and security systems has forced many car thieves to require access to the cars key to steal the vehicle.

Cars can no longer easily be "hot-wired" to start the engine without the keys.

Thieves know that many of us simply place our keys next to the front door when arriving home.

They can quite often successfully steal the keys without even opening the front door or causing any damage.

This type of theft is conducted via your letterbox or small open ventilation window.

The thief will use a length of thin stick, bamboo or extendable aerial with a magnet attached to its end.

They will then 'fish' around for your keys via the letter box or window using the magnet to attract and then withdraw your keys.

Burgular At Door

Another way of entry is simply forcing unlocked UPVC doors.

They can apply pressure at a certain point (not disclosed here!) to distort the door enough to allow it to open by 'popping' the main lock.

This way of entry can only be used on closed but not securely locked doors.

If your door is fitted with a multi locking system (normally engaged by lifting the handle fully up), then use it! Engage the multi locking system and then use your key to lock the door from the inside.

If your doors do not feature a multi locking system, additional door and window security can easily be added.

As well as additional locks, a simple Door / Window Alarm can be set to sound should the door or window be opened.

A Door Handle Alarm can be used on doors with metal handles (interior or exterior) to alert you to anyone placing their hand on your door handle from the outside.

Remember, always lock your door before you leave.

It can be easy to forget to lock your door when you are in a hurry or distracted. Burglars tend to be opportunistic. They will look for the easiest way in – an unlocked front door would be ideal.

If you or a loved one are suffering from memory problems, we can supply a Memo Minder that will remind you to lock the door once you approach it from the inside of your home.

Memo Minder MKII

Remember to keep the main door key in an easily accessible place that all occupants of the house know where it is in case a quick exit is needed due to fire.

If practicable, have a secondary exit route planned in case a fire prevents exit through the front door.

Don't forget if leaving your home for an extended period, such as a holiday, there are a few tips to help prevent a break in.

One of the most important questions a burglar will ask himself is “are the occupants in?”.

- Cancel any newspapers to stop them being left halfway in your letter box - a sure sign no one is home.

- Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on the property including letting themselves in periodically to gather any post that may accumulate under the letterbox - another sign burglars will look for.

- Unlit house after dark. Remember to have some lamps and maybe a radio set to activate during the day and night by simple plug in timers. This will give the illusion that the property is occupied throughout the day.

UK Police Security Tips

Simulated TV can mimic the light patterns of a real TV to give the illusion someone is in.

Simulated TV

- Make sure there aren’t any objects such as a wheelie bin situated near to your garden gate or wall. They could help provide easy access into your garden.

- Milk bottles, parcels or post on the doorstep.

- Windows shut in hot weather.

These are signs telling the burglar that he is unlikely to be disturbed in the course of his work.

Naturally, circumstances may arise when such situations may be unavoidable.

If we can take measures that tell the burglar that this building is too difficult or too risky a target, he will most likely move on.

Make it look as though your house is occupied.

To a burglar, a dark doorway is an opportunity to hide. Fit a security light over your front door to deter burglars.

If you are away for extended periods:

- Do not announce you are away from home for an extended period on your telephone answering machine. It may be prudent to turn it off.

- Enlist the help of a neighbour, friend or relative to keep a regular eye on your property and keep the front door clear of deliveries.

- If you are prepared to leave a key with a willing neighbour/relative, ask for curtains to be drawn and lights to be put on at night. If it has been snowing, tracks or footprints in the snow will give the illusion the home is occupied.

- Check your insurance policy. Some insurance policies for contents don't cover you if you are away for more than 30 days.

- Fit a burglar alarm or consider one of our ‘stand-alone’ PIR alarm systems for just a few pounds.

Ceiling Motion Sensor Alarm

- Encourage a neighbour to park on your drive.

- If you do not have an alarm, consider investing a few pounds in a Replica CCTV Camera. It may well deter the opportunist thief.

Remove the temptation to reduce the risk:

- Keep valuables out of sight from windows.

- Park your car in your garage if you have one.

- Draw your curtains or close your blinds after dark.- How does a burglar's choose his target?

Burglary, most often, is an opportunist crime.

A burglar will select his target because it offers him the best opportunity to carry out his crime undetected and with the fewest number of obstacles in his way.

A building that presents itself as unoccupied and insecure is far more likely to be targeted than one which is properly secured:

-Side gates open or entrance open or poorly maintained.

- Windows left open or clearly unlocked.

- Ladders left out that can provide easy access to flat roofs or upper windows.

- Garden tools left out that are perfect to assist with a break in.

- High hedges or fences that will allow them to move without being seen.

All of these points make it easier for a potential burglar to target your property.

If you reside in a multi occupancy building that features an entry phone system, be aware that people may follow or ‘tailgate’ you into the property.

Be aware of who is behind you.

Are you leaving a thief the key to your house?

- Do not leave a spare key outside your home. Burglars know all the hiding places.

- Prevent letterbox burglaries by keeping your keys away from the front door.

- Do not label your house keys in case you lose them.

- Fit good locks. Most new front and rear doors have a multipoint locking system that prevents the door being easily forced open from pressure to the main lock. They have one drawback; they must be manually locked to engage the locking system and not just by shutting the door.

Older style doors would benefit from adding good quality locks and even a secondary secure lock like the kind supplied by Chubb.

Windows should all have locks fitted to them. These come as standard on virtually all new installations but older style windows can still have locks fitted that can be purchased from most DIY stores and are relatively inexpensive.

For just a few pounds, a battery powered Window Alarm can be fitted to your most vulnerable windows that sound a siren should the glass be struck or broken.

Unfortunately, patio style doors at the rear of the property are a known easy way in.

A burglar can simply throw a hard object at the glass to shatter the pane.

Again, fit a Window Shock Alarm to give early warning to this kind of attack.

Window Shock Alarm

When the alarm senses the strong shock vibration on the glass, the loud siren will sound alerting you or your neighbours.

Remember to lock upstairs windows just as you would your downstairs windows.

Burglars will go to extraordinary lengths to enter the premises. Drain pipes are easily climbed so make sure any upper windows around the drainpipe area are secure.

Prickly plants and bushes can form an excellent and uninviting barrier when grown behind fences and other vulnerable points in your garden.

Don't forget any outbuilding such as sheds or garages.

They are a firm favourite with the casual criminal who may favour an easy target.

However, they may be broken into for a more sinister reason.

Burglars realise that walking down the street carrying a bag of tools or other objects that can be used to force entry into a property leaves them open to arrest by the police for 'going equipped'.

Even if not arrested, they still risk the attention of any passing police patrol who may request to search them.

This type of criminal may target an unprotected shed or garage as these structures tend to be much simpler to enter than your home.

They realise that sheds and garages will more than likely contain tools that are perfect to be used to force entry into your property.

Your home can actually be broken into using your own equipment!

A Shed Alarm will activate should a thief enter your shed and a PIR Alarm is perfect to protect your garage.

Both these alarms will give a loud audible warning of the break in.

Most burglars do not welcome this attention and will leave to find an easier target.

We hope that you find these tips of some use - they will no doubt reduce your risk of a burglary if adhered to.