Personal Alarms

Personal Alarms offer protection from attack

What exactly are Personal Alarms?

We have all heard the of them, but what are they and what can they achieve?

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Personal Alarms are known under a variety of descriptions such as attack alarms, rape alarms, panic alarms or defence alarms but are all designed to do the same thing - bring attention to you in a threatening situation and deter your attacker.

They accomplish this by emitting a loud siren, some up to 140 decibels that will shock and disorientate an attacker and gives you, the victim, an opportunity to escape. The attacker does not want attention from passers by and this should be enough to cause most to cease their attack and leave.

Personal alarms were originally designed to help protect against sexual assault but have evolved into a more mainstream defensive item, suitable for both males and females of all ages.

Police and Security Advisors recommend the use of these devices to minimise the threat of assault, rape, animal attack and obscene phone calls.

Although the risk of becoming a victim of violent crime in the UK is relatively small, the threat is still there. We believe that any measures that can help prevent an attack are worth considering, especially as personal alarms have fallen in price in recent years to just a few pounds each.

They can be used by any individual who may find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation, whether it is through their day to day journeys, social or work life.

Many employers now recognise the need to offer their staff some form of protection, especially employees who may deal with the public on a daily basis.

Indeed, the NHS now routinely supplies personal alarms to many of its healthcare workers and other staff who may be at risk.

Police forces can also offer (when budgets allow) personal alarms to victims of certain crimes but this is becoming rarer due to the squeeze on central funding.

Personal alarms now tend to be battery powered and small enough to fit in a pocket or attached to items, much like a key ring. The batteries can last for months, even when activated numerous times, before they will need replacement.

Some versions also incorporate a small torch light or strobe light that can help bring additional attention to your situation and distract an attacker. The LED light can also help to light dark areas.

Purple Metallic Mini Minder Key-ring Torch Alarm

Most are activated by pulling a pin out that is attached to a cord and will remain activated until the pin is replaced. They can be attached to clothing and bags for easy access and quick activation.

Our ila Dusk Alarm actually features a female scream rather than a conventional siren!

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The noise alone will be enough to disorientate and deter the most but persistent attacker and will also alert any passers-by or people in their homes to your situation.

You do not need to wait until you are actually threatened before you can activate your personal alarm.

Activate your alarm in any situation you feel uncomfortable with without fear of breaking UK laws.

We also supply personal alarms especially designed for children.

Minder Bear Key Ring Personal Alarm

These are not only useful for older children who may be approached by strangers while away from home, they are extremely useful should a younger child be separated from their parents, such as in a crowd or busy shopping centre.

The child can be taught to activate the personal alarm and stay still should they lose mum or dad.

A personal attack alarm can also be effectively used in your home.

They are loud enough to deter a burglar who does not want any attention paid to him, especially during the quite of night when most properties are broken into.

We stock personal alarms that also have a door attachment that will activate should the door be opened. A very useful feature, especially for travellers staying in hostels and hotels as well as in your own home.

Elderly or vulnerable people should also keep a personal alarm to hand.

They can be activated should they feel threatened or have a fall and are unable to summon help.

We stock personal alarms that can be worn on the wrist, much like a watch, that will ensure that the device is always close when needed.

Defender Wrist Personal Alarm

Our Jogger Alarm is perfect for the sports enthusiasts.

Pink Jogger Power Button Alarm

Wrist worn devices are perfect for joggers or any other time that you may not have a available pocket or bag.

They can be worn by ramblers, hikers or climbers to alert others to their location should they be unable to continue or are involved in an accident.

A mobile phone will be very useful for alerting others to their general location but a personal alarm can be used to pin point their exact location.

We make sure all our personal alarms are of the highest quality as these devices must be 100% reliable.

In fact, our Minder range are the only Personal Attack Alarms in the UK that are "Sold Secure" and "Secured by Design Approved" (Police Preferred specification).

The Minder Personal Alarm comes highly recommended.

Minder Personal Alarm

Choose whichever alarm suits your purpose, some are slightly louder than others, some are triggered by a button or a rip cord, others are designed for children or to be worn on the wrist.

Slim line versions are good for small pockets whilst some of the larger models can also protect doors.

Whichever you choose, you can be sure that you have purchased a quality product.

Personal alarms can make the difference between becoming a victim of crime or not. For just a few pounds, they can be stored away in your pocket or car and hopefully never needed, but can be there just in case.