PPSS Cut Resistant Clothing

Cut and slash resistant clothing is a relatively new concept in personal protection.

Recent technical developments in manufacturing allows for the creation of protective clothing that prevents injury from slashing knife, glass or metal attacks.

This type of clothing also prevents human teeth from penetrating the special material.

The cut, slash and bite resistant material used in our clothing is manufactured in the UK under the strictest of conditions and testing.

The clothing is manufactured from Cut-Tex® PRO that is only found in PPSS products – you can not buy any other protective garments containing this special material unless it is an official PPSS product.

Our garments are manufactured in the European Union to the highest standards available, not imported from countries outside of the EU where conditions and quality of the clothing maybe dubious.

We believe that if we are to offer protective clothing that is designed to save you from serious injury or death, only the worlds best quality products will suffice.

We will not stock cheaper low cost products that are designed to protect the most important asset you have – yourself.

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