High Visibility Products

High visibility clothing and accessories are generally highly reflective or luminous items that can help visabilty in low light or dark conditions.

They are classed as ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ or ‘PPE’ and are very useful in preventing collisions or accidents involving traffic. Cyclists, joggers, horse riders, hikers, walkers and school children call all benefit from wearing an item that increases their visibilty.

PPE equipment can range from reflective items to battery powered devices that can emit small flashing or changing lights patterns.

High Vis items are particularly useful at reflecting light being shined on them. Using a process called retro reflection, the light rays from a light source will be made to bounce back from the reflective item. This process makes it appear that light is emitting from the item.

Reflective items are also useful at making certain people or children stand out in a crowd to quickly identity their location. As well as aiding in security within urban areas, Hi Vis items can also provide a useful addition to those who visit remote locations and may need to be seen by searchers or rescuers.

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