Motion Sensor (PIR) Alarms

Motion Sensor Alarms (PIR Alarms) are one of the best low cost security products available today.

Indeed, the vast majority of alarm systems installed in home and business premises will incorporate these type of sensors to trigger the alarm at some point.

All our motion sensor alarms are stand alone devices that include both the sensor and siren in one compact unit. When an intruder walks or moves within the area protected by the PIR, the alarm will sound.

PIR or Motion Sensor Alarms detect movement by the heat energy that is emitted from a person when moving.

If a person crosses the field of view of a PIR Motion Detector Alarm, the device will sound its siren.

PIR actually stands for ‘Passive Infrared’.

Infrared (IR) energy can be seen by the sensor when a person walks into the field of view and the sensor detects an increase in infrared energy.

All objects with a temperature above absolute zero (-273.15 degrees Celsius), emit heat energy in the form of radiation that is invisible to the human eye.

PIR alarms are designed to trigger their alarm only when these energy levels rise quickly as there is always a gradual variance of heat energy in any area.

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