Personal Alarms, Attack Alarms and Rape Alarms

A Personal Alarm is designed to deter potential attack and draw as much attention as possible to any situation that you, or others around you, may feel threatened in.

Once activated, a Personal Alarm will emit a very loud siren to attract attention. Also known as personal attack alarms, rape alarms or personal safety alarms, we stock the most reliable devices in the UK. All can be easily carried for quick activation.

Use a Personal Attack Alarm should you fear for your safety or wish to bring attention to your situation. Activate the alarm should you require help or assistance from those around you. The sirens are loud enough even for those inside their homes to hear. You may need attention should you fear attack from others, have fallen and injured yourself or become lost or disorientated

Activate the alarm without first warning your assailant. The shock of the alarm and the attention it may bring, should deter most attacks. If your assailant still persists and is in very close range, hold the alarm as close to their ear as possible. Loud noises very close to the ear can be disorientating, bring dizziness and be very uncomfortable. Hearing loss can occur suddenly due to an exceptionally loud noise close to the ear.
This is known as acoustic trauma and will be a very uncomfortable experience for your attacker. If a sound reaches 85 dB or stronger, it can cause permanent damage to your hearing.
A clap of thunder from a nearby storm (120 dB) or a gunshot (140-190 dB), can both cause immediate damage.

Our alarms are capable of sound output ranging from 120 dB up to 140 dB depending on the model.

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