Property Marking Kits

It has been recommended by the police and other crime fighting organisations that an effective way to combat theft and aid in the recovery of your property is by marking it.

Once marked, your property also becomes less appealing to a thief and is much harder to sell on. You can place a hidden mark or a very obvious mark depending on your needs.

Details of marked property can also be held on a database that holds details of the owner should it be recovered by the police.

We offer two ways to mark your property and both are highly recommended.

The TechMarked Pen is the simplest way. Simply inscribe your details such as your name and postcode using the pen on any property you wish to protect. The ink can only be seen under special UV detector lamps. This can aid with the return of your property should it be recovered by the police.

If you wish to let any potential thieves know the property has been marked somewhere, attach a supplied warning sticker. The stickers are virtually impossible to completely remove and would make quick resale of your items very difficult. The sticker will not let them know where the invisible mark is.

Marked property can also be registered for free on the website where contact details for the owner of recovered property is held. This will provide the police with a very quick way to contact you should your property be found.

The TechMarked Pen is perfect for marking high value items such as mobile phones without having to spoil or damaging the casing. Along with the marking pen, a free lanyard is also supplied that can help keep a mobile phone attached to you.

Marking you property is a very good idea should you be sharing your living space in close proximity with others who you may not know too well.

Property marking is proving very popular with students who may share similar expensive items and may need to be able to prove, without doubt, who owns what should something ‘change hands’ unexpectedly.

If disputes do need to be settled without the need for police involvement, special UV torches can be purchased relatively cheaply to check the product for a TechMarked sign.

For larger items such as bikes, the Cremark Kit is probably best.

Your property can be marked in a similar way to using the TechMarked Pen, but this time the mark is clearly visible.

The Cremark produces a permanent silver mark that is impossible to remove. This is a very overt way of marking your property to make it much less appealing to a thief. Police will also have a look on any recovered property to check for any identifying marks that the owner has left.

It is also a good idea to mark your high value items that you have at home.

Stolen goods tend to be sold on quickly and the sooner an opportunity arises to recover stolen property, the better.

It is also a good idea to take photographs of any high value items that you have. This is especially important for high value paintings and jewellery.

Have a close look for any distinguishing marks and take a close up photo of them as well.

Consider passing a copy of your photographs to a trusted friend in case anything should happen to your original copies.

Keep any receipts to help prove recovered items are yours as well as to help in any insurance claim you may have to make.

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