Aerospace Aluminium Waterproof Capsule


This is the best quality waterproof container / capsule available anywhere.

Constructed from the strongest grade metal that is twice the strength of steel, it is lightweight, waterproof and very tough to protect your high value items.

It is as at home strapped to a mountain climbers webbing as it is in the bottom of your travel bag.



The Aerospace Aluminium Waterproof Capsule is extremely versatile.

Store anything you would like to be protected from moisture, shock or crushing.

The shell is constructed with high strength, steel bonded tungsten carbide and aluminium that makes this shatterproof container a must have gadget.

The manufactures claim a car can drive over the container without distorting the casing.

The container features two removable lids, one at each end.

Simply unscrew an end and the cap will completely remove to allow you to place your objects inside.

One end features a metal loop to allow clipping or fastening to webbing, straps, clothing or bags.

These capsules have been utilised by some as emergency survival tools containing first aid supplies and medicines.

Our friends in the emergency services and military can benefit from the capsules protection against the possible knocks and bangs that their everyday duties may offer.

They are equally useful for storing cash, travellers cheques, jewellery and camera storage cards whilst travelling or on holiday.

The uses are virtually limitless. Basically, if it can fit inside, it is safe.

We have come across cheaper capsules on the internet but they are of poor quality, some even constructed from soft metal and even plastic.

It is a false economy to buy the cheapest containers to protect your high value items.

If it is not a branded ‘EDC Gear’ container, it will not offer the same protection.

We are so sure of this capsules strength, should it distort under reasonable use, we will refund or replace the container for the life of the user.

  • Constructed of steel bonded tungsten carbide and aluminium
  • Store and protect any of your valuables
  • Waterproof and shatterproof
  • Can be unscrewed at either end
  • Best quality ‘ESG Gear’ brand – do not trust unbranded cheaper options
  • Lifetime guarantee against distortion
  • Steel loop at one end to allow fasting to bags, webbing or clothing
  • Size: 130 mm x 30 mm (5.1″ x 1.18″ inch)
  • Inside Capacity = 40 ml

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Gun Grey, Sand


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