Camera Can


The Camera Can is a semi covert high resolution camera that is perfect for surveillance in places that a traditional CCTV camera is not possible.

This camera does not need to be near mains power as it is powered by batteries and so can be deployed almost anywhere.


The camera is triggered by a PIR detector that records high resolution video and audio direct to a SD card (4 GB card supplied) when movement is detected. Your recording will also include time and date stamping.

The Camera Can can also record in low light conditions due to emitting its own infra red (invisible to the eye) illumination and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors use.

Designed to be wall or pole mounted, this camera is suitable for use in all weather conditions.

This Camera Can can help protect you and your property in many ways.

It is suitable for protecting:

– Rural areas that may have no access to mains power
– Sheds, garages and outbuildings
– The perimeter of your garden, drive or property
– Your vehicles outside your home or business
– Inside and outside your home or business
– Nature lovers wanting to capture animals in their natural habitats
– Farm property, fields and other remote locations
– Semi covert operations

You have a choice of image resolution with the Camera Can. You can select stills up to 8 megapixel or full audio and video recordings up to 720p resolution.

Although battery life will vary depending on operation and how often the unit is activated, batteries can last up to four weeks.
The unit can also be powered by a 6 volt DC Adaptor (not supplied).

  • Uses 940nm black (invisible) LED sensors for covert surveillance at night
  • PIR (10-12 metre range) or time lapse controlled
  • SD card recording (max 32gb)
  • Up to 8MP images or HD720p video resolution
  • Infra red range of up to 15 metres
  • Up to 1000 still images or 100 video clips with full card overwrite
  • Weatherproof IP55
  • Battery (4 x C cell) or 6V DC powered (Not Supplied)
  • Comes with mounting strap, AV cables and USB, wall bracket and 4GB SD Card.


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