Ceiling PIR Alarm With Remote Control


The Ceiling PIR Alarms is a great way to protect your home, business or holiday accommodation.

Unlike conventional PIR (motion sensor) alarms, this unit can be fastened to the ceiling, keeping it free from obstructions that can prevent wall mounted sensors from working correctly.


Once armed via the supplied remote control, the unit provides 360 degree protection against intruders. If motion is detected within a 2.8 metre range, after a 4 second delay, a 130 dB siren will activate.

Being battery powered, there is no need to worry about the power to the unit being cut or disrupted.

This also makes it ideal to be placed in remote locations such as sheds, garages, caravans, office or any location in your home as no power cables need to be installed.

Activated via the remote control, this is a very simple and reliable PIR alarm to operate.

  • Can detect movement within a 2.8 metre range (360 degree)
  • 130 decibel siren
  • Low battery indicator
  • 4 second entry delay and 30 second exit delay
  • Remote Control uses 3 x LR44 batteries (included)
  • Requires 4 X C Batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions – 135 mm X 45 mm
  • 1 Year guarantee

Installation and Operation


When exiting the protected area, point the remote control at the alarm unit and press the ‘ARM’ button. A confirmation tone will indicate that the alarm is armed and you have 30 seconds in which to vacate the area. After this time, if motion is detected, then the alarm will sound.

When entering the protected area, simply point the remote control at the alarm unit and press the ‘DISARM’ button. Please note that on entering the area, there is a short beep to indicate that motion has been detected and a 4 second delay before the alarm will sound to allow it to be disarmed.

Detection range – The motion detector of the alarm unit has a detection range of 360 degrees.

Battery Installation:

  1. The battery compartment is accessed from the rear of the alarm unit by removing the screws from the side and lifting the mounting plate.
  2. Insert four (4) ‘C’ size batteries (not included) following the correct polarity.
  3. When the last battery is inserted, the alarm will beep very loudly to indicate the batteries are installed correctly.
  4. Replace the back cover and fix with the screw. The battery ‘Low LED’ light will light when the batteries need replacing.

Remote Control:

The remote control uses 3 LR44 batteries (included). If the red light on the remote control does not come on when either the ‘ARM’ or “DISARM’ buttons are pressed, then the batteries need to be replaced.

Programming the alarm:

To set or change the security code of the remote control, simply set the programmable switches to the desired code and remove the batteries from the alarm unit. Then wait at least 30 seconds for the alarm to reset.

Immediately after inserting the batteries, point the Remote Control at the alarm and press the “ARM” button; the ALARM LED will flash once to indicate it has learnt the code of the remote control.
* Note * – The alarm must be re-programmed with the remote control each with the batteries are removed or replaced.


  • Place the alarm in the desired location, preferably on the ceiling in the centre of the area needing to be protected.
  • Remove the mounting plate and fix it to the ceiling using the screws and raw plugs supplied.
  • The alarm body can then be fixed into place on to the mounting plate and secured using the screws at the sides.

Care and maintenance:

To clean the case, simply use a soft, slightly damp cloth with water and wipe dry immediately. Never use chemicals to clean the case as they may damage the plastic and cause the alarm not to function.


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