CREMARK Property Marking Kit


The CREMARK Kit is an easy to use but very effective crime prevention product that permanently marks your property with a silver marker pen.

The mark is virtually impossible to remove without defacing the item making it undesirable to keep or resell!


A great way of overtly marking your leisure property letting everyone know who the item belongs to.

Use the silver paint pen to write your postcode on the item you want to protect together with the words “STOLEN FROM” or “PROPERTY OF”. Then spray a fine coat of CRE Protective Lacquer (supplied) over your writing. Mark your item in two or three other places to give extra protection.

Once the lacquer is dry in around 24 hours, your item is permanently marked and can not be removed!

CRE MARK for LEISURE will mark Cycles, jet ski’s, scooters, TV’s, skateboards, fishing tackle, camping equipment, horse tack and much more!

CRE MARK allows you to mark your valuable possessions quickly, easily and without having to register details on any database.

  • This kit will mark up to 40 items
  • PROTECT YOUR LEISURE ITEMS – the silver marker is ideal for dark coloured items
  • Visible deterrent
  • Reduces the appeal of items to thieves
  • Stolen property can easily be identified
  • No requirement to register details on any database!


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