BitePRO Cut & Bite Resistant Sleeves / Arm Guards


BitePRO Slash, Cut and Bite Resistant Arm Sleeves (version 2) are fully lined with Cut-Tex® PRO to prevent injury from knife, glass and bite attacks.

Designed for use by security professionals or those employed in the mental health or special needs sectors, they can easily be put on within seconds.

The protective sleeves are designed to be worn around your forearm offering protection to this vital area of the body.

The protective full arm sleeves offer BS EN 388:2003 blade cut resistance level 5 (highest possible rating) and extremely high puncture resistance from human teeth.

Suitable to be worn overtly or covertly under your long sleeved clothing or jacket, they will protect the major arteries in the arm from slashing attacks by knives, blades or teeth

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Arm Sleeves from the SlashPRO range ensures you have the worlds best lower arm protection.

These are not constructed from cheap metal chain mail or Kevlar but Cut Tex Pro (only available on SlashPRO products – beware of imitations!).

They are perfect for those who require covert protection for their lower arms, ideally worn under other ‘normal’ long sleeved clothing or overtly for those who may suffer industrial injury from glass or sheet metal handling.

Arm Sleeves offer discrete protection  from slashing knife attacks, bite attacks or accidental injury from cut glass or sharp metal.

Those in close contact with their customers may find this kind of protection ideal.

  • Taxi and mini cab drivers may be at risk of lower arm injury whilst handling cash with potential robbers or troublesome customers.
  • Door supervisors and store security operatives may risk lower arm slashing or bite injuries whilst lawfully detaining a suspect or violent individual.
  • Those in the window or glass manufacturing or fitting industries run the daily risk of serious injury from broken glass.
  • Sheet metal handling industries can be equally as dangerous as handling glass. Lower arm protection should be a consideration to prevent serious lower arm injury where vital arteries converge.
  • Mental Healthcare Professionals often have to deal with unpredictable people who may cause injury from bite or scratching attacks. Arm Sleeves will prevent this kind of injury for those who may not feel the need to wear full upper body protection on a daily basis.
  • Needless to say, those in the emergency and prison services may require the additional protection that professional level Arm Sleeves can offer.

Cut Tex Pro is manufactured in Britain under the strictest of conditions to ensure a top quality item.

Beware of cheap mass produced imitations that may be found elsewhere. Low quality imports are available but they do not offer the same protection and quality of long lasting SlashPRO products.

BitePRO Bite Resistant Arm Guards can also be utilised by those in any employment who may be at risk through day to day contact with people but may not wish to wear full protective tops.

Taxi or mini cab drivers may present their arms as potential targets whilst handling cash transactions with members of the public who may be suffering from mental health issues or drunkenness.


  • Confirms to EN 388:2003 blade cut resistance level 5 (the highest possible)
  • Conforms to ISO 13997:1999 blade cut resistance level 5 (the highest possible)
  • Conforms to ASTM F 1790-05 blade cut resistance level 4
  • Conforms to EN 388:2003 abrasion resistance level 4 (the highest possible)
  • Confirms to EN 388:2003 tear resistance level 4 (the highest possible)
  • Will stop bite attacks by stopping human teeth from penetrating the wearer’s skin
  • The inner lining consists of a highly breathable and moisture wicking fabric
  • 100% non Latex
  • Machine washable to 40° Celsius
  • Attained excellent results in Dimensional Stability Test
  • CE marked (Cat II PPE Directive)
  • Manufactured in the EU

 Cut-Tex PRO

Cut-Tex® PRO Information

Cut-Tex® PRO is simply the worlds best cut resistant material used in the manufacture of protective clothing available.

You may find cheaper slash protective garments but none compare to SlashPRO products – you get what you pay for.

  • Cut-Tex® PRO is a high performance cut resistant fabric
  • Cut-Tex® PRO is being manufactured at a ISO 9001:2008 quality standard control certified plant in the UK
  • Cut-Tex® PRO is now being used to create cut resistant clothing for law enforcement, prison, emergency services, private security, public transport and social and health care as well as other industries, such as glass handling and metal handling and pressing
Certified Protection Levels:
  • ISO 13997:1999 Blade Cut Resistance level 5 (the highest possible)
  • EN 388:2003 Blade Cut Resistance Level 5 (the highest possible)
  • ASTM F-1790 Blade Cut Resistance Level 4
  • EN 388:2003 Abrasion Resistance Level 4 (the highest possible)
  • EN 388:2003 Tear Resistance Level 4 (the highest possible)

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