Dog Repeller / Dog Training Aid


This electronic Dog Repeller by Pet Parade emits a piercing ultrasonic tone that humans can hardly hear but dogs hate!

It can be used to keep unfriendly dogs away and can also be used as a dog training aid.


Deters annoying dog behaviour such as barking, jumping and biting.

Great for those who feel threatened in their daily journeys or employment.

Installation and Operation

To Repel Dogs:

Point the unit directly at the dog and press the button for a few seconds. The ultrasonic sound should discourage the dog from approaching. Press the button for a longer period if necessary. Please note that the prime operating range is 5 to 6 feet but can be effective up to 20 feet.

To Use As A Pet Trainer:

  • Point the Dog Repller directly at the dog or cat from a distance of approximately 5 to 6 feet away
  • Give the verbal command, then immediately press the button for one to two seconds
  • Repeat steps one and two until your pet responds to your command

Important Tips:

Dog Repellers will get an immediate response from most dogs but others may require repeated reinforcement.
Always point the Dog Repeller directly at the dog.
Always provide positive reinforcement when training a dog or cat with the use of a Dog Repeller.
Never go near an animal that seems dangerous.
Dog Repeller will discourage most dogs, but may not be effective in all situations.
Use good judgement when approaching animals taking care not to surprise them.


  1. Do not touch the screened area on the front – denting or damaging this area may cause the unit to malfunction.
  2. Do not use on other animals or for any use that is not recommended.
  3. Should not be used on humans or within one foot range of a pet.
  4. Use caution when dealing with potentially dangerous animals.
  5. Keep the Dog Repeller away from children.


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