Door Handle Alarm

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A Door Handle Alarm detects potential intruders before they can open a door.

An upgrade on existing models, this is the best and loudest (125 dB) door handle alarm available using a magnetic field to detect intruders as soon as they touch the metal door handle.

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Attractively designed with a white casing, the Door Handle Alarm will hang from any door handle without causing obstruction to it’s use.

The portable door handle alarm can be used to protect you whilst at home or away. Attach it to your bedroom, hotel or hostel door handle and be immediately alerted to any attempt to open the door.

This is particularly useful for students or vulnerable people who may be at increased risk.

  • Attach it to your interior door handle and if anyone touches the external handle, the alarm will be sound
  • Exit delay to prevent nuisance alarms when switching on
  • Easy to use sensitivity adjustment that caters for all types of doors
  • Batteries included and fitted
  • Diameter: 65 mm (excluding hanging cord)
  • 1 Year guarantee

Installation and Operation

The Door Handle Alarm is a safety device to be used at home, work or for travel.

This alarm is designed to be used on a metal door handle and has an adjustable hanging cord size for versatility. The alarm produces a 125 dB siren when someone touches or attempts to touch the metal door handle.The siren will last for a short period; you will not need to silence the alarm.


After hanging the alarm on the metal door handle, turn the alarm on by turning the control on the side of the unit upwards. For maximum sensitivity, turn to III, for medium sensitivity turn to II and for minimum sensitivity turn to I. The red LED will illuminate and the alarm will be active. An exit delay of 6 seconds will allow you to exit the door without the alarm sounding.

Sensitivity Control

The sensitivity required will depend on the composition of the door handle, the objects surrounding the handle (such as keys, chains etc) and the size of the handle. You can test this by setting to the lowest sensitivity and attempt to open the door after 6 seconds. If the siren sounds before you touch the handle then this is the advised level. If not, try again at a higher level.

Battery Installation

The alarm requires 3 X AAA Batteries (supplied and fitted). Before use, remove the protective plastic strip to activate the batteries. The change the batteries, open the battery cover at the back of the unit and replace the old batteries, noting the correct polarity.


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