Door Wedge Alarm


A Door Wedge or Door Stop Alarm is a tough, loud intruder alarm that is an ideal low-cost way to prevent sneak-in burglaries at your home.

When armed, this portable, robust door stopper sounds a loud 120 dB alarm if the door is pushed. When it’s not armed, the Door Wedge Alarm can also be used as a normal door stop.

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The Door Wedge Alarm can be placed directly behind a closed door to prevent opening.

Place the alarm under the door as with any conventional door stop.

If someone tries to open the door, the wedge will prevent it as well as sounding the 120 dB siren.

If an intruder attempts to force open the door, the door wedge shape will prevent the door from opening and the pressure plate will then activate a loud siren.

This is a very portable alarm that can be used as a travel alarm and can be taken anywhere that you may require this additional safety. A great security item for both home and holiday use.

Students, elderly and vulnerable people will find its ease of use and the simple door security it offers of great benefit.

The Door Wedge Alarm is a firm favourite of ours. A very simple idea that will provide low cost security for both your home or holiday accommodation.

  • Loud 120 dB alarm
  • Ideal for stopping sneak-in burglaries
  • Robust construction
  • Can also be used as normal door stop
  • Battery (included) operated and portable
  • 1 Year guarantee
  • Dimensions of unit: Length 150 mm. Width 46 mm. Height 42 mm high (at highest point)

Installation and Operation

  1. On first use of the alarm, remove the battery cover on the underside of the alarm and remove the battery. Remove the plastic wrap protecting the battery and connect the battery to the door wedge alarm by plugging in the connectors noting the polarity between the connectors and battery. Replace the battery cover. The alarm is now ready to be used.
  2. Position the alarm on the floor with the door wedged open to your desired angle. Slide the ON/OFF switch to the ON position. The alarm has a 15 second delay; after this delay, the Door Wedge Alarm is active.
  3. Test the alarm by pushing the door open further against the Door Wedge Alarm. The alarm should sound when the metal plate is depressed. Slide the ON/OFF switch to the OFF position to disarm the alarm.
  4. To use as a standard door wedge, keep the switch in the OFF position. It can be used as an alarm when you feel vulnerable or unsafe with the door partially open.

NOTE: It is recommended the battery power is tested regularly by discreetly activating the alarm. Cover the siren with a cloth/hand when testing to ensure hearing is not damaged.


What do we think? A quick review …….

This alarm appears to have been well thought out and painstakingly researched.

This alarm is constructed of tough white plastic but don’t let this turn you off. It is one of those things that just looks right being plastic and not cheap or fragile looking.

In use, I can say these are the loudest door wedge alarms I have heard. The on / off switch is located at the rear of the alarm so no accidental activations should occur.

Some have said that the alarm is a little too big but I have to disagree.

It is large enough to prevent even a hefty door being forced open but certainly small enough to be thrown in a travel bag. The larger size doesn’t equal a big weight.

It is still lighter than you would expect.

The beauty of a door wedge alarm is that it really is a functional device, even if the batteries should fail.

Travellers have been taking these on their holidays and trips away to add that crucial extra bit of security.

This is the type of security product that really could be given as a gift. It looks great, it functions well and certainly serves a useful purpose.


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