Driveway Monitor / Alarm With Remote Control

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This Drive Alarm has the same features as the standard Driveway Monitor but comes with a remote key fob to arm or disarm the system.

Informs you of approaching guests on your driveway and is also a versatile alarm system.

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A Driveway Monitor Alarm will provide early warning of intruders or visitors before they reach your property.

Originally designed to alert you when someone enters your drive or garden, this unit can be used to protect sheds, garages or outbuildings.

When somebody enters the protected zone, the sensor transmits to the receiver in your home and alerts you to their presence by an audio chime or alarm.

  • Can be armed or disarmed by supplied remote control fob
  • Can be set to sound an alarm or chime on activation
  • Detection range up to 8 metres at an angle of 90°
  • Operates within a distance of 300 feet (clear line of sight) from PIR to the receiver unit
  • Weatherproof IP44 PIR sensor unit with on/off switch
  • Alkaline batteries operated (not included)


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