Entry Chime Alarm


A clever deterrent to sneak-in burglaries. Activated by detecting changes in the light level as an intruder passes by.

This alarm is designed to prevent intruders entering your home through an open door or other entrance point and is ideal for monitoring back doors.


As soon as someone enters and passes the device, a chime will be sounded alerting you to their presence.

This can also be useful for monitoring a door should you wish to be alerted to a child or vulnerable adult leaving the premises.

Can be used with the supplied stand or fastened to the wall using the sticky pad.

* This alarm uses changes in light as a person passes to trigger an alert. It is not suitable to be used in dark conditions.

Features include:

  • Complete with stand, sticky pad and hook slot
  • High / low chime settings
  • Batteries included
  • 1 Year guarantee
  • Dimensions of unit: Length 72 mm.
  • Width 53 mm. Height 24 mm high (at highest point

Installation and Operation

The Entry Chime Alarm is a light sensitive, motion activated sensor suitable for home or locations to indicate passing movement across the front of it.

It has a sensing distance of 1 – 2 metres and operates in normal light conditions. It is recommended that it is placed with the light source in front of it.

The unit detects motion passing across the face of it. It is not suitable for detecting motion directly towards it.

The unit includes a high / low volume control for the chime.


The unit can be wall mounted using the sticker or screw hole or be used freestanding using the steel stand provided.

For application on vertical surfaces at the entrance or exit location, use either the sticker or screw slot on the back of the unit.

For use on horizontal surfaces, insert the head of the metal stand provided into the screw slot on the back of the unit.


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