Farb Gel Defence Spray

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TIW Farb Gel (Temporary Identification Witness) is the UK’s No 1 selling criminal identification spray.

With the ever increasing crime rate, this product provides an alternative way to protect ourselves and deter attack.

Farb Gel is legal in the UK and does not contain any harmful chemicals and is non-toxic.

Designed to stain and mark your attacker with a bright red gel and is not designed to cause injury.

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Designed to fire a thick red gel to disorientate and mark your attacker at your home or business and gives you time to escape.

Farb Gel, our cheapest spray, is the best entry level criminal marker.

It is supplied in a pocket sized canister that can fit in most pockets or bags.

If you require a spray that contains both the visible dye and an invisible UV marker dye, consider our Defence ID Criminal Identifier.

How it works…

The spray is activated by simply holding down the button on the top of the canister and can be stopped by releasing the button.

Press to release and spray a red gel onto your attackers, giving you vital seconds to escape and call the police. Farb Gel will dye the assailants skin and clothes for SEVERAL days if not washed off immediately.

Staining their skin and clothes will allow for easy identification by passers by and the police.

Whilst most defence sprays are not legal in the UK, Farbgel does not contain any ingredients that may be classed as prohibited and is a viable alternative to illegal pepper sprays.

The spray can be discharged from up to a range of 4 metres allowing you to remain a reasonable distance from your attacker, reducing the risk of injury to you.

Farb Gel is popular with all types of people, from individuals who may require the added security of a criminal identifier to professionals who are regularly in contact with people through their employment and may be vulnerable to attack.

  • Can spray up to a distance of 4 metres
  • Can deter attack
  • Smallest, most discrete defence spray available
  • Size of can: 9 cm high, 3 cm diameter
  • Does not contain any harmful chemicals
  • Contents: 40 ml

Click to see the Farb Gel in action

TIW Farb Gel Operation

Is Farb Gel Spray legal?

Yes, Farb Gel spray is legal in the UK and is not designed to cause injury to another person.

Section 5(1)(b) of the firearms Act 1968 prohibits any weapon of whatever description design or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid or gas. Because Farb Gel spray does not contain any noxious substances and the can itself is not designed to discharge a noxious substance, it is not prohibited by the Firearms Act.

Can I use Farb Gel spray on more than one perpetrator?

It is possible to use Farb Gel spray on more than one person. However, we advise that it be used on one person only (if possible) for the full effect and maximum time to escape and seek safety.

Can Farb Gel spray be used more than once?

Yes, but we do not advise it. It is recommended that you replace the spray with a new one, as half a can may not be enough should you need to use it again; don’t risk it.

Warning : This product is only for use in self-defence and should be used solely as a last resort and at all times in accordance with the law. Improper use and/or possession of this product may result in civil and/or criminal liability for the user. Eight Rivers Security accept no liability for improper use or possession of this product.

Note: Criminal Marker Sprays (Defence Sprays) are an aid to personal security and protection. Although extremely reliable, as with all products including personal alarms, they can fail from time to time. Never rely on any product or device to ensure your safety. We recommend testing your spray to check it is in a working state by discharging a small amount periodically. Check the spray discharges correctly and the nozzle is not blocked.

What do we think? A quick review …….

TIW Farb Gel is the most popular UK legal defence spray for a reason. It is reasonably priced, comes in a quality canister and discharges it’s contents reliably.

First impressions of Farb Gel are good. The small canister is decorated in black, green and red to give the impression that this is a serious defence aid. Well, for the UK, it is. We have discussed more about the types of legal criminal markers that are available and their use under the Defence Sprays article of this site so I will not discuss them again here.

From the three or four makes of similar defence sprays available in the UK, Farb Gel has continued to top the sales ranks due to, I believe, its reliability. I have tested Farbgels that were well outside their use by date and they still performed as though they were brand new.

The spray is actually imported from Germany so this does give an indication that it has been well designed and constructed.

However, should you purchase a Farb Gel, have a quick look at the canisters silver bottom as you should clearly see a date stamped use by date. You should expect at least a couple of years of use so it is worth checking.

After handling and selling literally thousands of Farb Gels, I have never (yet) had a canister fail. I do, however, have experience of a rival defence spray fail spectacularly in storage for no apparent reason contaminating everything within a few feet in bright dye!

I have experience of another defence spray (will not mention it here) that tends to shoot out a substance more like silly string once it is a few years old. This is obviously not good in a situation where the only thing you require from the spray is for it to do its job at that most important moment!

Farb Gel comes in a very solid small and lightweight canister with a thumb operated button located on the top to discharge the sticky red gel.

Once pressed, the gel will shoot out for up to four metres that should give you enough space to hit your target and move away as fast as possible.

The manufacturer states that skin can be stained for up to three days but I think this may be pushing it a bit. If not washed off immediately, it certainly will stain your skin and how many people would have immediate access to soap and water after attacking someone in the street? Not many I would imagine.

The longer the undiluted gel is on the skin, the harder it will be to remove.

Farbgel will stain clothing forever so care must be taken when testing the spray. I have tested the spray on a target that was placed up against an exterior bare wood fence. A couple of years on and the fence still has traces of red Farb Gel in the wood!

Although Farb Gel is very good at what it does, It would be better if it also contained the invisible UV dye that Sabre Defence ID products do. However, the lack of UV dye is reflected in it’s price as the lowest cost defence spay in the UK.

The reasonable price of this spray makes it a truly use and throw away security aid. After using the spray once, I would dispose of the rest if any is left. You may think twice about throwing away a more expensive spray but for the cost of a Farb Gel, this shouldn’t be an issue.

All in all, a highly recommended defence spray / criminal marker that has proved a capable security aid over many years.  Highly recommended.


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