Garden Shed Alarm


The Garden Shed Alarm MKII will emit a 130 db alarm if activated by a potential thief or intruder.

This alarm utilises a pin code system to  protect doors and windows from the threat of attempted entry via its Vibration Alarm. However, in addition, the unit has a Door/Window Contact which would offer added protection from unauthorised entry.

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The Mark II Property/Garden Shed Alarm is easy to install and can be used in a number of locations including Garden Sheds, Garages, Homes or office premises.

This alarm is useful when one or more person requires access to a property as a communal code can be set. A simple and very effective alarm system for doors or windows.

The alarm will set off (following a short entry delay) when the contact is broken or if Shock or Vibration is detected (if force is detected via a door or window). This enables a person to know if an unlocked door is opened, for example a cupboard, fire exit or rear entrance.

If the alarm is triggered, a 130dB alert is sounded to deter the intruder and notify people nearby and will continue to sound for 15 seconds before re-setting.

If the door is opened again then the alarm will re-sound.

This alarm is easy to install and is operated by batteries thus removing the need for wires and mains power.

The keypad is fully programmable and easily reset if needed and the alarm gives delay time for entry and exit of the property.

Suitable for garden sheds, garages and caravans.

  • Simple magnetic read switch that lets the alarm control panel know if a door or window is open or shut
  • Sensitivity controlled Vibration or Shock sensor
  • Keypad for arming and disarming the alarm
  • Simple to install and extremely loud
  • No wiring required – Vibration Sensor may be set to High or Low sensitivity
  • This battery operated door alarm is installed in seconds
  • Piercing 130dB alarm when magnetic contact is broken or Vibration is detected
  • Entry delay of 10 seconds / Exit time delay of 20 seconds
  • Battery Low Indicator – (4 x AAA batteries supplied)
  • Magnetic contact can be placed left or right as desired
  • Once triggered, re-arms the alarm sound after 15 seconds
  • Unit Dimensions: 80 mm x 55 mm x 20 mm
  • Magnetic sensor dimensions: 42 mm x 10 mm x 10 mm

Installation and Operation

  1. Insert four AAA batteries (supplied).
  2. Factory code settings: 1234.
  3. To change the factory code or your own personal code, press button 1 for two seconds (you will hear a single beep). To change the factory code or your own personal code, press button 1 for two seconds (you will hear a single beep).
    In order to cancel out the original code you must now enter the original code (example 1234) and you will hear two beeps.
    Now enter your new four digit security code. You will hear a further two beeps to confirm that the new code has been accepted.
    If the battery is removed, the code will revert back to the pre-set factory code of 1234.
  4. The alarm works on both vibration and magnetic contact. You must select either the high or low setting for the vibration mode.
  5. The magnetic contact can be placed on either side of the alarm unit.
  6. To arm the alarm, press the button for 2 seconds. You will hear two beeps to confirm that the alarm has armed. The delay period is ten seconds in order to allow you to leave the property.
  7. To disarm the alarm, you must enter the four digit personal code within ten seconds of returning to the property otherwise the alarm will sound for fifteen seconds and then re-set.
  8. When the alarm is in arm mode, the LED will flash every five seconds.
  9. Low battery indicator: If the alarm beeps every minute, this is an indication to replace the batteries.
  10. Ensure that you press the buttons firmly.



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