Heart Personal Alarm


The Defender Heart Personal Alarm combines a powerful 128 dB’s siren with a strong aesthetic appeal making it the new ‘must have’ accessory for all ages.

Once attached to your keys or bag, this personal alarm is never far from your reach and can quickly be activated should the need arise.


This is a compact alarm that is easy to carry and loud enough to shock any potential attacker.

This is an ideal rape alarm for women and students who would like peace of mind but would prefer a smaller, more discreet alarm that does not look out of place.

It is suitable for all ages and will be popular with both adults and children.

  • Key ring activated
  • Volume: 128 dB
  • Test button
  • Comes supplied with 3 X LR44 button cell batteries
  • Size: Length 40 (mm). Width 22(mm). Height 40 (mm)
  • Manufactured to ISO9001 standard


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