Hidden Pocket Shoulder Bag


The Hidden Pocket Shoulder Bag is the ideal way to carry and hide valuable items under your jacket or coat.

Designed to be worn under your arm, this hidden bag is a useful crime prevention product.

If a potential thief can not see your valuables, the risk of robbery is greatly reduced.

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The Hidden Pocket Bag is large enough to accommodate your mobile phone, wallet, passport and notepads which makes it an ideal travelling companion to high crime areas.

The bottom of the bag also contains a small zipped compartment that is ideal for storing some bank notes and coins.

The Hidden Pocket is lightweight and comfortable to wear with a breathable mesh at the back to keep you cool.

  • Keeps valuables hidden under other clothing
  • Lightweight
  • Can be adjusted to fit
  • Size – Width: 22cm. Height: 27cm.
  • Black colour
  • Nylon material


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