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The ila Dusk personal alarm comes highly recommended and due to its innovative design, can be kept on display as a fashion accessory.

Specifically designed for women, the ila DUSK can be clipped to your handbag or keys so is always available should you need it.

The Ila Dusk Personal Alarm is like no other. Whilst conventional personal alarms emit a siren when activated, the Dusk actually screams!



If you find yourself in a threatening situation, simply pull the chain to activate an ear-piercing 130 db female scream that will disorientate your attacker and bring attention to you.

This tends to attract more attention from those around you helping you get the assistance you require or give you a chance to escape.

Unlike the majority of alarms that are purely functional and are hidden away in your bag or pocket, the Dusk is a very attractive alarm that will not look out of place on display. Not many personal alarms are designed to be kept on display, but the Dusk is.

This ensures that you know the personal alarm is always with you, ready to be activated in seconds. No searching around in the bottom of your bag or pockets!

The Ila Dusk is easily clipped to your handbag or used as a key ring.

As well as bringing attention to your situation and disorienting a potential attacker, research has shown that people are likely to respond more to a scream than to a conventional siren.

Available in two different chic and fun designs.

  • Comes with clasp to attach to handbags
  • Can be kept very close for quick activation
  • Choice of two designs
  • Usage: Pull chain and replace
  • Volume: 130dB
  • Weight: 60 grams net product weight with battery
  • Size: L80(mm) X W38(mm) X H19(mm)
  • Battery life: 3 years 4 x LR43 alkaline button cells (non replaceable)
  • Testing: CE

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What do we think? A quick review …….

They say the ila Dusk is like no other and we would have to agree.

The Dusk, known as the screaming alarm, is meant to attract more attention than a traditional siren. Apparently, this has been researched and proved true.

I will agree with this on the principal that the noise the Dusk outputs will certainly attract attention.

But does it sound like a female scream?

The jury is out on this one. Listening to it in action, you can definitely hear what could be passed as a scream.

At a distance, I’m not too sure that a passer-by would immediately think they have heard a lady screaming in distress!

But this is not necessarily the point.

The fact remains, the Dusk Alarm is like no other.

It’s originality and performance overrides the argument as to how close to a female scream ila have got this alarm to.

The Dusk seems a bit smaller in the hand than you may be led to believe from promotional pictures. I see this as a positive. I was expecting a somewhat chunky device but that was not the case when I took delivery of my first Dusk Alarm.

As with all ila products, the packaging is beautiful and sets the alarm off perfectly.

It looks like ila have taken note of the importance of packaging (learnt from Apple?). One of the downsides of low cost security alarms can be the poor presentation via the packaging box.

First impressions do count and you know you have a special alarm from the effort, time and details that has gone into the box alone.

The body of the alarm is slim and could easily be kept in a small pocket or purse. The Dusk Alarm is certainly aimed at female users so I make no apology for saying purse! This is a very feminine alarm.

Ila suggest that the Dusk is designed to be kept on display. The vast majority of Personal Alarms tend to be kept hidden away until needed and so aesthetics were probably not at the top of their designers list.

The Dusk reverses this trend with the notion that it could be kept clipped to your bag or similar for easy access and would not look out of place. I agree. It could be kept on display without ruining the look of an expensive handbag!

It is original, of a high quality build and is most certainly one of the most attractive personal alarms we have ever seen.

Ila are known to produce the best looking security devices. Just have a look at the Dusk’s sister alarm, Ila Pebble, to see what I mean.

The Dusk comes in a variety of designs that should mean, no matter what your taste, their should be one to suit you.

Now the downside.

As personal alarms go, the ila Dusk is probably the most expensive you are going to find.

This is acceptable on the basis that you get what you pay for. You are paying for a top quality personal alarm from a top quality supplier.

However, the Dusk has a non replaceable battery. Ila state that you should get three years of average use out of the alarm but I can’t help feeling that ila should come away from their trend of making their alarms throwaway after three years.

I would much prefer to be able to change the battery myself to extend the working life of the Dusk.

This really is my only gripe with this alarm.

Apart from the slightly high price for a device designed to last three years, it still remains a highly recommended personal alarm.

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