Ila Pebble Personal Alarm


The ila Pebble personal alarm has been designed to look more like a fashion accessory than a regular alarm.

Once attached  to your keys, this personal alarm is never far from your reach and can quickly be activated should the need arise.



To activate the ear piercing 130 db siren, simply press the button in the middle of the alarm and pull the top section. To stop the alarm, just push the cap back into place.

Should you need the Ila Pebble to constantly sound the siren, you can pull a cap at the top of the device and the alarm will be activated until you push the cap back down.

Along with the Ila Dusk Personal Alarm, the Ila range are a step forward in design and functionality.

The Ila Pebble is endorsed by Crimewatch’s Detective Constable Jacqui Hames.

Keys are permanently with you, now an alarm is too.

Activates a high-decibel alarm in less than a second and is ailable in two fashionable designs.

  • Weight: with batteries 21.3g
  • Size: L48(mm) X W38(mm) X H18(mm)
  • Battery life: 3 years, non replaceable
  • Volume: 130dB
  • Usage: Push on central button and release the cap on top for constant activation, replace cap to switch off
  • Testing: CE
  • Compact plastic casing; key chain attached
  • Choice of two designs

What do we think? A quick review …….

The ila Pebble was an interesting alarm to review.

Although a beautiful and reliable personal alarm from one of the most respected brands in the UK, it does have one not so great feature (we will come to that later).

First off, it is one of the best looking alarms available. Their can be no doubting that. You can tell that a huge amount of effort has gone into the research and design of the pebble.

It is also very functional too. Boasting a 130 dB alarm, it is certainly loud enough to do its job.

It is also very easy to activate by pulling the alarm body away from the top pin that would normally be attached to your keys.

A great feature of top quality alarms is that the activation pin completely separates from the alarm body, allowing you to throw either the pin or the alarm itself away from you to keep the alarm sounding constantly.

This shows a lot of thought has gone into the design. Cheaper alarms allow the alarm to be silenced a bit too easy by not allowing the pin to completely detach. An attacker could simply grab the alarm and push the pin back in to silence it. With the pebble, the pin and alarm have been completely separated so that would not be possible.

It is also a good size. It looks and feels just about right. Although not tiny, it is small enough to fit in a small pocket or bag if you do not wish to fasten it to your keys.

Then their are the actual two designs. Both are very attractive and the Pebble is probably the only personal alarm that can be given as a gift without offending!

As a day to day alarm, it would be hard to choose a more suitable product. It is definitely aimed at our female users and I can’t imagine many males utilising the Pebble as their chosen safety product.

As mentioned earlier, their is one downside to the ila range of personal alarms. It is the non removable battery that is pre fitted. This may be great for those who dread the thought of taking the alarm apart with screwdrivers to replace them as they age, but it does render the Pebble useless after around three years of use.

For the price, this is not too bad. But the fact remains, you will need to replace the alarm every three years or so.

For this one drawback, in my opinion, the alarm just loses a point preventing it from being our favourite personal alarm.

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