Lifeguard Mini Emergency Glass Breaker


The Lifeguard Mini Emergency Glass Breaker is a pocket sized 2 in 1 survival tool.

This small tool can prove to be a life saver in an emergency situation where glass needs to be broken quickly.

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This small 2 in 1 survival tool can be used to escape from a crashed vehicle or to quickly create an escape route through a window at home or at work.

It also features a small blade for cutting through a seatbelt to free yourself or trapped passengers.

To break glass, hold the device against the glass and press the trigger. This will force a spring loaded pin into the glass, causing it to shatter.

It is recommended that all four corners are struck to ensure the glass will shatter quickly.

Please note: this tool will not break laminated windows (most modern windscreens) but is for use on unlamented side windows.

  • Pocket sized
  • Spring loaded hammer will apply around 20 Ibs of pressure to the window
  • Lightweight
  • Can shatter glass in an emergency
  • Seatbelt cutting blade included
  • Can be attached to keys or simlar
  • Size (approximate) 7.5 cm X 3.2 cm X 1.8 cm


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