MA30 External Siren


The External Siren is the perfect addition to the MA30 Mini PIR Alarm.

For the MA30 Alarm, we also supply this External Booster Siren for additional sound output. This booster siren will help the alarm be audible in a separate room or building.


The External Siren increases the effective range of your security system by ensuring neighbours and passers by hear your alarm.

Even if someone attempts to tamper with the unit or the cabling, the alarm will sound immediately.

  • High output 130 dB siren
  • Can connect to any model in the Mini Alarm range using a simple push fit connector Anti tamper device
  • Battery powered: 4 X AA alkaline (included)
  • Low battery indicator
  • 10 metres of cable
  • Will sound together with the MA30 when triggered
  • Will activate the siren independently if the connecting cable is cut


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