Minder Alarm Door Accessory


This unique accessory has been designed to work with all the Minder range of Personal Alarms that are activated by the ‘pull pin’ system.

Used to turn your personal alarm into a door and window alarm!


This excellent device plugs into the personal alarm via the socket where the pull pin plugs in. The other end is inserted into the side of a door or window and is held securely in place. When the door or window is opened, the ‘crocodile jaws’ widen and activates the alarm.

This turns your personal alarm into a very versatile security system for a fraction of the price of larger devices.

Ideal for travellers staying in hotels or hostels as well as in your own home.

This will fit all the Minder alarms apart from the wrist worn models that use push button activation.

  • Will fit all Minder branded Personal Alarms



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