Minder Personal Attack Alarm

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The Minder Alarm remains as one of the best selling personal alarms in the UK.

It is not surprising that the MINDER is widely regarded as the leader in personal safety alarms.

This is one of the loudest personal attack alarms available!

Widely purchased by professionals and businesses who require the best.

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This is a rugged, reliable and very loud device that is powered by a 9 volt battery that provides enough power for a 140 decibel siren on activation!

Housed in a tough ABS plastic case, this alarm is more forgiving if dropped or handled roughly! This is one of the hardest personal alarms available and has proved popular for both personal and professional users.

As well as being suitable to be carried in your bag or pocket, the Minder Alarm is supplied with a belt clip allowing easy and fast access.

The belt clip is also very handy for those who may be more vulnerable require quick assistance should they have an accident or fall. This is very useful for professionals who may be required to have a personal alarm available at all times during their working day.

It is also compatible with the Minder Door Accessory to extend it’s use into a low cost, portable, home security device. Mount it near a door or window with the supplied bracket and then be alerted should they be opened.

Suitable for use by both men and women, this personal alarm can be used for more that just deterring attackers.

Take it with you on your outdoors pursuits to attract attention should you become disorientated, injured or lost.

Cyclists or those involved in sports that may lead them to isolated locations would also benefit should help be required.

Activation is via a pull pin that is situated at the top of the alarm. Simply pull the rip cord should you feel threatened or require attention and the pin will detach from the alarm, activating the siren.

To stop the siren, just reinsert the pin.

  • Pull Pin Activation
  • Separate Panic Button
  • Loud 140 Decibel Siren
  • Belt Clip
  • Window / Door Mounting Bracket
  • Battery Included
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Size (60mm x 70mm x 20mm)

Sold Secure Award
This alarm meets the Sold Secure criteria.

Sold Secure tests the effectiveness of crime prevention products – including personal attack alarms – and supplies a list of approved products to crime prevention officers, insurance companies, the media, the Home Office and the general public.



What do we think? A quick review …….

If we had to choose the best alarm, it would have to be the Minder Personal Alarm.

The alarm is solidly constructed, very loud and is designed purely to attract attention. Everything else is second.

As alarms go, this is certainly no small pocket sized device. It will fit in larger pockets or a small bag but anything smaller and you may have a bit of trouble.

Along with the slight size issue, it also weighs in  heavier than most. This isn’t a problem for most users, but if you would like a lightweight, discrete device, you may wish to look elsewhere.

If the size is an issue for users without larger pockets, the Minder Alarm does feature a sturdy clip that can be used to attach it to your clothing or belt.

However, we feel that these slight imperfections can all but be forgotten once you experience it’s performance. It really is ear splitting! Part of the heavier weight can be put down to the hefty 9 volt battery that this alarm uses. This powers  the 143 decibel siren.

An often overlooked feature, is the way the alarm is activated.

As described earlier, you pull a lanyard attached to a pin to set the siren off. This is the same as many others you may think. Well, yes it is, but the difference with this alarm is that the entire pin will actually detach from the main alarm body.

This will allow you to throw the pin some distance away, preventing anyone hostile to you silencing the alarm by simply pushing the pin back down.

Constructed from tough ABS plastic, the alarm should be able to withstand the odd drop or knock without too many problems. After a few years experience with these, I have yet to break one!

This is one of the best selling personal alarms in the UK and the reason is clear.

As a protective device to either ward off attackers or summon help for a fallen hiker, this one is hard to beat.

As our most recommended alarm, it is not perfect, but comes close.

The size of the alarm and square shape makes this one a bit of a ‘masculine’ device. Let’s be honest, it is not the prettiest alarm out there but then it isn’t designed to be.

As a professional use personal alarm, the Minder is widely purchased by businesses and private users alike. It is a top quality personal alarm and it sets the bar high.


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