Minder PIR Sensor Alarm With Chime


The Minder PIR Sensor Alarm is the perfect product to guard your door or entrance.

The Sensor Alarm has a 60 degree spread which protects for 15 feet so it can be positioned by a front/back door and has a choice of a high decibel alarm or chime mode.


A very portable alarm that can protect a door if it is left open or ajar and will still alert you to anyone passing through.

The Sensor Alarm is so versatile as it can also be used as a garage or garden shed alarm and has many applications for the care of the elderly or security of the young.

In addition, the 270 degree adjustable bracket can angle this PIR sensor in almost any direction required.An excellent alarm that can guard against sneak in burglary in the warmer months.

  • Can easily be taken on your travels or holidays• Can be secured to a wall or simply placed where you like
  • Perfect for guarding open doorways
  • Height: 10.6 cm, Width: 8 cm, Depth: 3.8 cm
  • 1 Year guarantee

Installation and Operation

Set the switch to ALARM position, wait 30 seconds for the red LED to stop flashing. The unit will now enter “Guarding Mode”.
Once the unit detects an intrusion within its monitored area, the LED light will illuminate and a loud alarm will sound for 20 seconds for each intrusion.

How to use as a Door Chime

Set the switch to CHIME position, wait 30 seconds for the red LED to stop flashing. The unit will now enter “Guarding Mode”.Once the PIR ALERT detects any unexpected animals or people in its monitored area, the red LED will illuminate and two chimes will sound.
The unit will not respond to the next trigger until 3 seconds after the previous triggering.


The unit can be placed freestanding or fastened to a wall with the two screws included. This is useful for monitoring a door or entrance.
For better performance, it is suggested that this product be installed at least 3 feet above the ground.
If the alarm / chime sound becomes weak, the 9V battery (not included) needs to be replaced.

The piercing alarm sound may injure one’s hearing if it is in close proximity to the ears.
This product is not recommended for use in the rain.
This alarm contains small parts and is not suitable for small children.


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