Mobile Phone Security Cable


The Mobile Phone Security Cable is a very simple but also a clever way to protect your mobile phone from both drops and theft.

If you should accidentally drop your phone, the extending bungee style cable will prevent it from hitting the floor.

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The Mobile Phone Security Cable is long enough for quick use of the phone but not long enough to reach the floor should you drop the device.

One end has a rubberised loop that extends lengthways around your phone and the other end of the cable features a G-Clip that you attach to your clothing or bags.

This Phone Security Cable is also the most cost effective phone anti theft product you can buy.

It will help prevent ‘snatch’ type thefts where an opportunist thief will pass you quickly and try to grab the phone out of your hand.

  • Prevents drop damage
  • Can prevent snatch type phone theft
  • Can aid in mobile phone security
  • Extendable cable to allow quick access
  • Black colour


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