Mommy I’m Here Child Locator


Mommy I’m Here is an excellent device used to keep track of your child!

If you need to locate your child, press the button on the small transmitter and the teddy bear receiver worn by your child begins to chirp.

You are now alerted to your child’s location!



“Mommy I’m Here” is a great way to keep track of children in locations where they may not always be in line of sight.

The system is perfect for use in locations such as shopping centres, playgrounds, train stations or any other busy area.

The child locator can be used up to a distance of approximately 50 metres (150 feet).

You simply attach a small teddy bear shaped receiver to your child’s clothing such as a shoe, belt or pocket. Then, for initial use, you ‘pair’ the transmitter with the receiver and the system is now ready.

As soon as you are not sure where the child is, you simply press a button on your transmitter and the receiver emits a loud audio and visual alert, leading you to the child.

You may just want additional safety and security for your child whilst out or even in your own garden.

We offer two variants of the famous, ‘Mommy I’m Here’ child locator device. The system is simple and light weight so appeals to all ages of parent or guardian.

Installation and Operation

“Mommy I’m Here” Child Tracker CL-103 Child Locator Instructions:

  • To turn the system on, first activate the the receiver (teddy bear) by moving the switch to the ‘ON’ position. Now also turn the switch on the transmitter (the key ring remote) by pressing the ‘ON’ button.
  • You should now hear some beeps that notifies you that the two units are paired and ready for use.
  • The system will choose a new channel from approximately 1500 each time it is activated. This will reduce the chance of other users selecting the same channel or frequency.
  • Attach the receiver (teddy bear) to your child’s clothing, shoe or bag.
  • If you notice that your child is no longer in your sight, press the button on your transmitter. This will activate a 86 decibel alarm from the teddy bear worn by your child allowing you to now locate them.
  • This system can be used up to a range of approximately 50 metres (150 feet) but this may be less due to battery condition or obstacles between you and your child.
CL103 Specifications:
  • The receiver emits an intermittent 86 decibel chirping/beeping alert sound when activated
  • The receiver can easily be fastened to your child’s clothing, bags or shoes using the clip on the rear
  • Is water resistant to prevent rain damage
  • Comes in a choice of two colours
  • Requires batteries (included) – 2 x CR2032, 1 x 12V/A23
  • Comes with mounting strap included


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