Motorised Wireless Dummy CCTV Camera


The Motorised Wireless Dummy CCTV Camera with motion detection is a very popular replica CCTV camera that actually moves if movement is detected in front of it.

This very realistic dummy camera will pan left and right if movement is detected during daylight hours, giving the impression that an expensive CCTV camera system is operating.

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Designed to be used as a low cost alternative to a real CCTV system, this device is also ideal to compliment an existing real system.

As well as the motorised pan movement, this fake CCTV Camera also has a flashing red light to give the impression that it is fully powered and working.

  • Motorised pan movement (left and right)
  • Motion sensor activates during daylight hours
  • Very realistic appearance that gives the impression of an expensive system
  • Easy to fit with no wiring required
  • Activation light
  • Supplied with one yellow CCTV warning sticker
  • Battery operated – simply insert three 1.5 volt AA batteries and turn the unit on


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