Panic Alarm


A handy wall mounted alarm in a bright red colour to provide the user a known fixed point where they can activate the siren in an emergency.

Mount one by a front door to activate quickly should you feel threatened or in a bathroom should a vulnerable person need assistance.

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The alarm will sound a powerful 120 decibel alarm which can be activated in an emergency by pulling its easy to use ripcord.

The loud siren will deter and shock any intruders and is ideal for repeat crime victims and those who feel threatened or vulnerable.

The alarm features an attractive design with a red casing so that alarm is easily visible in an emergency.

Coloured to the Royal Institute For The Blind recommendations for the partially sighted.

  • Ripcord activation
  • Powerful 120dBs siren
  • Convenient on/off switch
  • Flashing LED (when armed)
  • Battery Operated (2 X AAA batteries supplied and pre-fitted)


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