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Contactless card crime is becoming more common as we see a shift away from cash transactions to cards.

Theft of data from credit and debit cards as well as personal identification cards such as student IDs is becoming more prevalent.

This is a simple card sleeve that will prevent your cards from being read or copied and helps to prevent card fraud.

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It has recently been featured in the UK media that criminals have begun ‘skimming’ details from unsuspecting victims using mobile hand held card readers.

The card readers can be used anywhere people gather such as public transport or shopping centres.

The criminals are not only after your finances but are also looking to steal any personal information they can get to create your identity and commit fraud.

The Card Minder can help prevent these types of attacks and protect you from both financial and personal data theft.

The device is actually an intelligent card sleeve holder that can defeat any types of scanning device.

The sleeve contains Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking technology that will prevent your contactless cards from being accessed.

To reduce your risk of card fraud, ID theft and electronic pickpocketing, simply store your cards in the Card Dendender Sleeve whilst out.

  • Contains RFID blocking technology
  • Small and lightweight
  • Looks like a conventional card holder
  • Will prevent your card details being stolen
  • Defeats mobile skimming devices used by criminals
  • Will protect all kinds of payment or personal identity cards


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