Purse Alarm

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The Minder Purse and Handbag Alarm offers a solution to purse and bag theft.

This device operates much like a personal alarm and is easily attached to your purse and bag but is much smaller than conventional alarms.

One end fastens to your purse and the other to your bag.

If a thief attempts to steal your purse from your bag by snatching or ‘dipping’, the rip cord is pulled sounding a 120 decibel siren.

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A Purse Alarm activates a loud alarm should a thief attempt to steal your purse or bag. Activated via a rip-cord should they try!

You can also attach the fastener to your bag and the other end to an item of clothing such as a jacket or any other static object.

When left unattended in a public place such as a pub or restaurant, where we often remove our jackets and place our bags down, you will quickly be alerted to a thief attempting to steal your bag.

Purse Alarms can also be extremely useful for securing your bags at the beach or whilst travelling through train stations or airports where we may place our bags down while we wait.

Please don’t confuse these purse alarms with inferior alarms that are currently advertised on the Internet.

These are top of the range models by ‘Minder’ outputting a 120 decibel siren and featuring a torch light.

The most versatile purse alarms on the market.

  • Captive pin to prevent the handbag from being snatched. This means the rip cord does not detach from the alarm keeping your purse safely attached to your bag at all times
  • Separate torch facility
  • 120db siren
  • Dual metal fixing clips
  • Batteries included
  • Length 37mm X Width 22mm X Depth 14mm


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