Sabre Defence ID 66ml Defence Spray / Criminal Marker

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The Defence ID 66ml spray is a new product that is similar to the Defence ID 19ml but is a larger canister containing more liquid to deter and mark a potential attacker.

DEFENCE I.D. will mark the attacker with a purple dye and an invisible UV marking dye.

The purple dye alerts others to stay away and notify the police. The purple dye and UV tracer help the police identify the suspect.

If not washed off immediately, the purple dye can last on the subject’s skin for up to 48 hours.

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official_defence_id_logoThe release of the solution can disorientate the offender allowing you a few vital seconds in which to escape or restrain the offender.

If the marker unit is used then the offender is “Tagged” and can be easily identified by police.

When sprayed directly into the face, the purple liquid dye may startle the attacker and temporarily disrupts the attack.

The purple dye hits the attackers face with force and will likely cause the attackers eyes to close.

Defence ID 66ml is a quality product that is small enough to be carried in a medium sized pocket or bag.

Perfect to offer you protection on a day to day basis.

The Defence ID Spray contains no harmful chemicals, is non-toxic, biodegradable and is not flammable.

  • Fires a ballistic stream of bright purple dye to identify offenders
  • Features a flip top design to prevent accidental discharge
  • UV dye marks the offender for later identification
  • Long range – can reach a target up to 4-5 metres (12 – 15 feet) away
  • Easy to use canister with integral safety features
  • Eye safe formula designed to cause no physical injury
  • When the marker spray is activated, it releases its solution at a pressure of 140 lbs per square inch
  • Height 125 mm. Width 35 mm


Sabre Defence ID Operation

How is the spray delivered?

Defence ID Defence Sprays should normally be used at distances of between 1 and 3.5 metres (3 ft – 10 ft) from the offender.

At distances closer than 1 meter (3 ft) there is a possibility that the stream of solution could cause minor discomfort to the eyes.

At distances greater than 3.5 metres (10 ft) accuracy is lost and the spray is less effective, particularly in windy weather conditions.

When the spray is used initially, it produces a fine spray for less than a second as the tube fills, thereafter it produces a stream of liquid.

Defence ID is delivered from a pressurized canister. The design of the canister and degree of pressure affect the amount of the solution discharged and the range and degree of coverage.

The propellant is nitrogen and is not flammable.

The stream type spray was chosen for its accuracy over greater distances, this greatly reduces cross contamination. Where possible, users should attempt to spray downwind.

Spraying upwind may cause a blowback that could affect the user or members of the public (cross-contamination).

It is advisable to shake the dispenser at the start of each day and if possible prior to each use.

The spray should be aimed directly at the subject’s face.

In still air: Users should spray two half-second bursts, with a recommended spraying distance of 1.5m to 2m (4 to 6 feet).

They should repeat this technique if the first application is unsuccessful. If the desired effect has not been obtained by then the user should consider other means of dealing with the situation.

In moving air: A one-second burst may be necessary. When facing more than one-aggressor the user should spray from side to side, at face level with a continuous burst.


The use of a Liquid Spray should not be viewed as having the ability to solve all problems and it will not be effective in all cases.

Studies from other countries show that sprays do not always produce the desired effects. Limited effect has been noted on three categories of subject:

  1. People with serious mental disorders.
  2. People under the influence of drink or drugs.
  3. People with a positive mental mind set/goal.

CAUTION: Users must not rely on sprays to the exclusion of other control tactics. It is possible that some subjects become more aggressive following the use of the spray. Under such circumstances operators may be required to use other defensive tactics, to establish control and secure the subject.

Warning : This product is only for use in self-defence and should be used solely as a last resort and at all times in accordance with the law. Improper use and/or possession of this product may result in civil and/or criminal liability for the user. Eight Rivers Security accept no liability for improper use or possession of this product.

Note: Criminal Marker Sprays (Defence Sprays) are an aid to personal security and protection. Although extremely reliable, as with all products including personal alarms, they can fail from time to time. Never rely on any product or device to ensure your safety. We recommend testing your spray to check it is in a working state by discharging a small amount periodically. Check the spray discharges correctly and the nozzle is not blocked.


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