Secret Money Belt


The Secret Money Belt will keep your cash and small jewellery safely hidden away in a secret zipped compartment within the belt.

Designed to look like a normal belt, this is an effective safety aid and can reduce the risk of theft from pick pockets and robbers.

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The Secret Money Belt still functions as a regular belt but is an ideal way to hide away your cash in high risk areas, whilst at home or on holiday.

Simply insert your cash, coins and tickets into the zipped compartment on the reverse of the belt.

As the compartment is on the side facing your body, no one will know you are wearing a special belt.

It is also convenient to be worn at festivals or other events where you do not wish to carry a wallet, purse or bag.

  • Will hide away your cash or other small valuables
  • Adjustable belt
  • Zipped hidden compartment
  • Quick release buckle
  • Width approximately 3cm
  • Total length approximately 114cm
  • Hidden compartment length 70cm
  • Constructed from nylon with plastic buckle
  • Colour: Black


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