Secret Runners Belt


The Secret Runners Belt looks like a regular belt but a has a zipped storage compartment.

Used to conceal any valuable items including mobile phones, keys, cash, credit cards, tickets or any other small valuables, it is the perfect joggers companion.

The belt is also perfect for day to day use as well as for those on their travels or holidays who prefer to conceal their valuables and have their hands free.



The Secret Runners Belt is a valuable aid against pick pockets or snatch type crimes.

Whilst it can be worn overtly like a normal belt, it can also be worn under clothing to give complete concealment.

It is also handy when we do not wish to carry a bag or have our pockets already full.

  • Adjustable elasticated strap to fit all sizes
  • Elastic stretch pocket will expand to fit small items
  • Will take up to a 5.5 inch mobile phone
  • Aids in crime prevention
  • Comfortable to be worn next to the skin
  • Comes in red or blue colours

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Blue, Red


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