Simulated TV


The Simulated TV device looks like a real operating television in your home!

Once activated at night, burglars will believe the house is occupied and you are still awake.

Burglars do not want to run the risk of having to encounter someone in the house they are breaking into.

The sight of a TV flickering in a house at night gives a burglar a very clear sign that the house is occupied and to stay clear.


Unfortunately, the cost of keeping a real TV on, even on a timer when you are away from home, is very expensive. Not only your electricity use, but also wear and tear to the TV.

The Simulated Television solves this problem by mimicking a real TV.

This fake TV will output light fades, light flickers, scene changes and colour changes to appear to appear to the burglar that a real TV is on.

Plug in the Simulated TV in whatever room a burglar is likely to see. Draw the curtains and the burglar will see the flickering, constantly changing light.

He will know that entering an occupied house and possibly coming face to face with the occupier will massively increase his chances of being caught.

The unit will automatically turn itself on in darkness due to its built in light sensor so there is no need to use any form of plug in timers.

  • The Simulated TV is the ultimate Burglar Deterrent Device, it’s a dynamic and convincing occupancy simulation leading burglars to think there’s someone home so they move onto an easier target
  • The Simulated Television consumes a tiny amount of power, less than a standard lamp
  • AC mains adapter included (other retailer’s often supply these units without a mains power adapter)
  • Most televisions turn on with push buttons and don’t work with timers. Burglars know this, which makes the Simulated TV perfect!
  • A built in light sensor turns Simulated TV on each evening at dusk.
  • Very compact
  • Width 8.5 cm, Length 7.5 cm and Height 2.5 cm (main unit – not including stand)


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