SureGuard Elite Personal Alarm


The SureGuard Elite Personal Alarm is a revelation in design and engineering.

It is the first of its kind, as unlike conventional personal attack alarms, there is no pull cord and the risk of accidental activation is avoided.

The SUREGUARD SG390 Elite Personal alarm is one of the smallest, most unique attack alarms available.



With its stylish looks and simplicity, the Elite is not just a personal attack alarm it’s a fashion must.

Activating the device is unlike most other conventional personal alarms.

Should you feel threatened or require assistance, just squeeze the sides of the alarm and a loud 120 decibel siren will activate. This is a remarkable feat for such a tiny alarm. Resetting the alarm is done by pushing the bottom of the alarm.

It can be worn on your person, attached to a belt or due to its tiny size, slipped into the smallest of pockets. Indeed, it is that small that it could be placed within a shirt pocket without causing a noticeable impression.

If you prefer, the SureGuard Elite can be worn on your belt or clothing using the clip on the rear of the alarm.

With the new great feature of no pull cords, this makes the alarm more appealing to the medical profession and retail employees.

As this alarm does not require a rip cord or chain to activate, it is extremely easy to clean and keep as sterile as possible. Cords and activation chains can harbour germs making it hard to keep clean the personal alarms that require them.

  • Made from high impact ABS plastic that is very easy to clean – simply use an anti-bacterial wipe and the device is clean
  • 120+ dB ear piercing siren
  • Always armed, no On/Off switch
  • Designed to cater to both female and male users and those in the medical profession
  • This alarm looks like a gadget so any self-respecting technophile will love to carry one
  • No cables to get caught in equipment, therefore no accidental activations and no places for germs to hide
  • Slick, wipe clean surface makes it ideal for hospital staff
  • This small neat alarm is robust and loud, its light weight means that it can be clipped to a shirt pocket
  • Supplied in a variety of colours and very suitable for corporate branding
  • Push sides to activate (eliminates accidental activation)
  • Push bottom to turn off
  • Key Ring Attachment
  • Weighs only 30g
  • Dimensions: 75 x 40 x 20 mm

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What do we think? A quick review …….

This has got to be one of my favourites!

Can you really design a slicker, more stylish personal alarm than the SUREGUARD Elite? Maybe, but it would be difficult.

The first thing a new Elite owner will notice is its  size, or rather the lack of it.

It really is tiny. The Elite is not the worlds smallest personal alarm but it certainly is not far off.

Initial impressions tell me that this is a well designed, well researched personal alarm. However, due to its small size, it doesn’t look able to compete with its bigger rivals.

No need to worry. It packs an audio punch way above its size. It really is amazing how it can produce 120 decibels, but it does.

The Elite is slim enough to slip into any sized pocket. If size matters, this is certainly one that should get your attention.

We also love the unique way to activate this alarm without any ripcord!

A quick wipe with a sterile wipe and the Elite is clean. Medical professionals will love this.

If I had to criticise, it could be described as maybe a bit too light. This sounds absurd, but for my liking, I want to feel a bit of weight to let me know I have a powerful personal protection product with me that won’t fall apart when dropped.

So I dropped it – it didn’t fall apart but I still prefer something just a tad more ‘solid’.

For the majority of our users, this isn’t the alarm to take hiking or mountain bike riding so the toughness shouldn’t be a problem.

For those who want a quality alarm that comes in a range of three colours, this has got to be on the shortlist.

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