Travel Guard Personal Alarm


The Travel Guard Personal Alarm combines both the features of a regular personal alarm with a portable PIR motion detector!

It can be used just the same as a conventional personal alarm when you are out and also as a convenient PIR (motion sensor alarm) when at home or any other location you may visit.

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This Personal Alarm is a very effective personal security device but also features a PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor alarm to secure the area around you!

When either the Personal Attack Alarm or the PIR motion sensor are activated, the combined alarm produces a 110 dB siren.

This should be loud enough to bring the attention of others nearby and deter an attacker or intruder.

This dual function alarm also provides you with a handy torch that can be used to help find keys/locks in the dark as well as assist in emergency situations.

To use the device as a conventional personal alarm, activate the 110 decibel siren should you feel threatened or require assistance by gently pulling the non removable pin located on the top of the device. To stop the alarm, simply push the pin back down.

To activate the motion sensor alarm feature (PIR), place the unit on a flat surface, slide down the cover on the middle of the alarm and switch on. After 30 seconds, the device is ‘armed’ and will be monitoring a two meter arc around the unit. The 30 second delay that will allow the user to exit the room.

Any movement within 2 metres of the alarm will activate the 110dB siren.

The alarm siren will de-activate after approximately 20 seconds.

This will deter the intruder as well as alerting you to the presence of somebody near you.

This versatile alarm is mini security system that is great for travellers and for those at home.

It is perfect for taking on your travels, holidays or business trips.

Place one next to you whilst you sleep to bring added security and be warned of any movement near you.

The security potential for this alarm is endless. It will be adding extra security to your home as well as deterring attacks whilst outside.

At just under 7 cm, the TechAffect Personal Alarm can fit in most pockets or bags and be carried on a day to day basis.

  • Built-in motion sensor PIR Alarm that will detect nearby movement
  • Perfect for use as a conventional Personal Alarm
  • LED light function
  • Fast activation by pulling the carry cord
  • Features a 110 dB siren on activation
  • Ideal for students, travellers, employees, hotel visitors and victims of domestic violence
  • Constructed of tough ABS plastic
  • Size 65mm x 47mm x 23mm


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