VB Contactless Card Shield

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The VB Contactless Card Shield is a remarkable new device designed to protect your personal data that can easily be obtained from your credit or debit, payment, Oyster and other identity cards.

The shield will completely block attempts to read your data that can even be obtained by a normal ‘smartphone’, among other devices, without your knowledge!

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Leading banks dispatch their credit cards through the post within a protective metal lined package.

Have you ever wondered why they feel the need to shield their new cards in this expensive way?

The card is the size of a regular credit card and is simply placed in your wallet or purse to begin shielding attempts to read your data.

It can also prevent unintentional payment of goods at contactless payment facilities that are now being utilised by the major credit card providers.

With more and more data being stored on cards that we now carry on a daily basis, can you really be sure that you are safe without taking any form of protection

  • This low cost device is a patented design that blocks unwanted attempts to access or steal your data from payment and identification cards
  • Extremely thin credit card sized card that will fit in your wallet or purse the same as any other card
  • Will be suitable for use with all contactless credit card sized devices operating at 13.56Mhz
  • Includes all major credit and debit cards, payment cards (including Oyster and sQuid), and the majority of identity cards, in line with the ISO/IEC 14443 standard
  • The VB card measures 86mm x 54mm
  • Manufactured from CR80 ISO Standard (160 micron core x2) 570 Micron PVC with shield inlay
  • Shields all cards using the ISO/IEC14443 standard. This includes Oyster, sQuid, all major debit and credit cards and the majority of identity cards

Credit Card ShieldYour data and  other sensitive information is stored on a variety of cards, including credit and debit cards.

This data can be purposely and maliciously obtained by a person stood close to you using a smartphone and easily available app.

Once this information has been obtained from you, copies of your card can quickly be printed by using card printers.

Contactless devices contain a chip and antenna that is embedded in the body of the device. The chip is activated when the card or device is brought into the proximity of a reading device.

The majority of contactless devices operate on a frequency of 13.56MHz, consistent with the ISO/IEC 14443 standard.

The activation distance is generally in the region of 10 centimetres (four inches) but this will depend on factors such as the power of the receiver and its antenna size. Although read distances of over one metre has been noted, it may be possible, in theory, to read the data at up to ten metres.

It is also possible to shield your device or card that contains the chip in a protective material to prevent access to the antenna. Wrapping your wallet or purse in foil may be effective but is clearly impractical.

The VB card shield is the most efficient and simple way of shielding your cards. By separating the shield and your card, your card once again becomes readable as desired and under your control.

Contactless card fraud is currently being highlighted in the national media.
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View a guide to contactless cards and the risks

Listen to a Radio 2 discussion on the VoyagerBlue Card Shield

Protect your Oyster with a VoyagerBlue Contactless Card Shield An Oyster card used for access to trains or buses.

When used in the opposite side of the wallet or purse, the Oyster card should still function.

However we recommend you find the most suited location when using VB Card Shield in this manner.

VoyagerBlue Contactless Card Shield protects you from fraudRecommended usage is using one card as a companion in the same slot as the contactless credit card acting as a shield. Please make sure that all your cards are located firmly in the card recess/slit.


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