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How Can I Improve My Home Security?

Home Security Tips

Who doesn’t wish to feel safe in their house?

Everybody wants to feel safe when they remain in their home. To do that, you need to protect your house as much as you can. How do you do that?

Here are some smart pointers for house security that will assist you feel much safer.

Don’t let people into your house that you do not know. Stay true to your security, even if it appears the person has genuine factors for desiring entry. This person might just be casing the joint to see if there is house security equipment.

You have to make sure the connected garage of yours is safe. It is possible for an intruder to get in the garage then get to the house; nevertheless, you can do something about it. Utilising a C-clamp on the garage door will prevent it from opening by remaining on the door’s track.

Ensure to disconnect all the devices that can cause a fire threat after you are finished with them. Irons, ranges and toasters need to all be unplugged, as electrical power can flow at a really high rate if left plugged in. This can prevent a fire or electrocution in your house.

Never leave a replacement key outside your house. Numerous criminals know of the places where individuals leave keys. A fantastic location to put your extra secret is on your dog’s collar. There are few people who will come near your canine to examine if it has a key on its collar.

Because a lot of individuals are numb to the sound of alarms, it is essential that you have your house security system connected to the regional monitoring station. This is handy in case you are house and cannot call 999 yourself, or you are far from house throughout a break in.

Beware sharing getaway plans online. This is particularly real when it pertains to sharing plans on social networking websites and posting updates while on vacation. You do not actually know is reading your plans on these websites. Anybody could be intending on breaking into your home undisturbed because you are not there since you have told everyone that you are not there.

Where are your door’s hinges? If the hinges for your door are on the outside of your home, you must move them to the inside of your home. Having outside hinges is a simple way for intruders to grant access to your house. All they have to do is knock the pin out of the hinge.

If you are not sure whether you must get a hard-wired or cordless house security system, call a local house security business for suggestions. It is necessary to consider the benefits and drawbacks of both systems before deciding. It will take a representative roughly an hour to examine your house before offering a viewpoint.

Home security is something that everyone can value, since everybody has to feel safe. Take the pointers set out here and utilize them if you want to feel safer in your house. All you need to do is to get serious about concrete steps you can take, and the tips here will help you.

About the Author:

John Summers works at GLC Enterprises and provides advice on home & business security issues.

More home and business security information and product recommendations can be found at

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Shed Security

Shed Security

Garden sheds are considered by many as an important part of our property but security is often neglected until an unwelcome visitor decides to break in.

Sheds can contain items and tools to the value of thousands of pounds.

An average road or mountain bike can cost between £500 to £1000 alone and are often stored in a relatively insecure shed.

Thieves are well aware of this and can actually make the shed their main target, even in preference over your home.

Thieves may also have a more sinister reason for targeting your shed.

They know that it will most likely contain tools. Although most will be looking to steal the tools to sell on, others will want to access them to actually aid in breaking into your main residence.

Professional burglars do not want to be caught travelling around with a bag full of house breaking tools and would much rather make use of yours.

The first step in shed security is its condition.

Is your shed in a condition where it is strong enough to withstand a blow to its door or wood panels?

Thieves will easily break through rotting wood panels or corroded door locks and hinges.

Replacement panels can be bought from the larger DIY stores in the UK for just a few pounds each. They are secured in place by small nails and it is a quick and easy job to replace them.

Although we want our garden and sheds to look attractive, consider planting some thorny shrubs or rose bushes around the shed.

Plant some under the windows of larger sheds to prevent easy access through them. It is also important to keep the shrubs and bushes neatly trimmed as we don’t want them to help provide cover for an intruder.

Sheds are not normally supplied with a decent locking mechanism.

Indeed, many are sold without any locks included at all. Purchase a decent padlock as soon as possible. If required, fit a padlock clasp (sometimes known as a hasp and staple) to the exterior that secures the shed door to the main body.

If your shed is supplied with a standard internal door lock, also fit an additional padlock. Many supplied internal key locks are of poor quality and are often supplied with standard keys that can be purchased by anyone!

Is your shed area well lit?

An unlit, dark area is exactly what thieves are hoping for. It gives them confidence that they can go about their business without being disturbed.

Garden security lights should be one of the first security steps taken in your general home security setup. However, these may not give adequate lighting to your shed area or be practical to install near the shed.

If you do not have a mains power source near the shed or do not wish to install an extension power supply from your home, consider a solar powered PIR (motion sensor) security light. Although not as bright as a mains powered security light, they should provide adequate lighting to deter a casual thief as well as help you gain access at night.

Although the door may be locked and secure, a determined thief may simply unscrew the door hinge screws and remove the door.

For sheds containing high value items, the actual door hinges can become the vulnerable point. Consider removing the vulnerable screws and fit coach bolts to secure the hinges in place instead. This will now make it impossible for a thief to remove the bolts and gain access.

One of the first things a thief will do when considering breaking into your shed is having a peek inside through a window.

Once they see something they like, they can become very determined to have it. Fit some curtains inside the shed to prevent this. They can easily be made from left over material without having to purchase any if preferred. It is also a good idea to fit a Vibration Sensor Alarm to the glass. These are fitted inside the shed and are stuck directly onto the window. They are designed to detect if the window is being struck and will sound a loud alarm should someone try.

Would you know if anything is missing from your shed? Make a list of valuable items.

This is not just for your knowledge but will be needed for insurance purposes should the shed be raided or destroyed by fire or similar. It is worth checking that sheds, as well as their contents, are covered by your home insurance policy.

Mark any valuable items to deter theft and aid in its recovery.

See our Property Marking page for more information.

Fit an alarm.

Although some home security systems will offer additional motion sensors for outbuildings, these can sometimes prove expensive to add.

The fitting of some additional security devices is highly recommended. The Garden Shed Alarm is a good example of a dedicated shed security device. It will detect entry through the door and sound an alarm.

The excellent Minder MA30 Motion Sensor Alarm is a very popular reliable alarm that will detect any movement within the shed or garage should a thief gain access.

Both these alarms are battery powered so should your mains power be turned off or fail, they will keep working. They are both ideal to work in conjunction with any other security system you may have.

Secure the perimeter around the shed.

Although most motion sensor alarms are designed for interior use, a Driveway Alarm uses a weatherproof sensor that can be mounted to protect the area approaching or around your shed. Should motion be detected the sensor will transmit a signal to the receiver in your home, alerting you to their presence.

Monitoring the area via cameras is always a good idea but can be expensive. If you do not wish to have the expense of installing a CCTV camera to monitor the shed, consider fitting a dummy or replica camera CCTV camera. Just the assumption of a monitored area will be enough to deter the casual thief.

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Netamo Welcome Smart Security System

Netamo Welcome

The Netamo Welcome is one of the best home security devices available and is at the top of the advanced home monitoring cameras sector.

We have an interest in all security products, whether we sell them directly or just recommend them from other retailers. The Netamo Welcome falls into the latter.

This is a top end security product that we just can not ignore!

Although we do not supply the Netamo directly, we shall, from time to time, recommened excellent products from other reliable suppliers such as Amazon.

So, what is a Netamo Welcome?

“A very high quality smart camera that features face recognition technology that can be utilised to recognise family and friends and alert you to strangers or intruders, both day and night!”

It is one of the new types of smart camera monitoring that goes a couple of steps above standard IP Camera MonitNeatamo Welcomeoring Systems.

These types of home security products enable the user to have the ability to monitor and interact with their home or any other location remotely.

The Netamo will monitor a room or any other area and check for movement. If anyone walks or moves within sight of the Netamo, it will study the movement and decide if it knows the person or not.

Once movement has been detected, it can send a notification, including their name (if it recognises the person), straight to your smartphone. This feature is extremely useful should you want to be made aware of important people leaving or returning home.

You may wish to be informed if your child or elderly relative is present. This is obviously a very good feature if you need to keep an eye on vulnerable people.

Another great feature of face recognition is being informed of people that Welcome does not recognise.

netamo_welcome4Being alerted to a stranger in its vicinity it vital for business and home security.

Welcome can be used to monitor your home or holiday accommodation whilst you are away.

You can easily view a live video stream and recorded videos from anywhere in the world on your smart phone, tablet or computer (App available on App Store and Google Play Store).

Face Recognition Technology allows for a high degree of security without constant surveillance.

Users can still offer a high degree of privacy by disabling recording of people that Welcome recognises.

No need for everyone to be constantly recorded! You may wish to stop monitoring your family but keep an eye on others who may be in your home.

All recorded videos are privately stored on the camera’s local micro SD card. If you wish to remove the micro SD card, all identification data and videos are removed as well.

There is no need toNetamo Welcome on shelf worry about strangers viewing your private videos as access from the user’s smartphone is secured by a bank-level encrypted connection to guarantee the highest level of protection against unauthorised viewing.

The level of security that Netamo Welcome can now provide to home users at a low cost was once only available to businesses with a large security expenditure. Face Recognition Technology is now within the budget of most home or small business users.

There is also no need to worry about any complicated setup routines or huge instruction manuals to follow.

Lets be honest, who really looks forward to the normally complicated setup of modern day electronics!

Place the camera anywhere in your home that you would like monitored, normally facing the entrance to the room or door. Plug in the Netamo Welcome and download the free App. Simply identify your friends and family to Welcome with a single click and you are done!

Unlike other home monitoring systems, there are no subscriptions, no contracts and no fees. Storing your videos is completely safe and completely free!

  • Quality construction from a single piece of aluminium
  • 4MP Video Sensor
  • HD Resolution at up to 1920 X 1080
  • Face recognition capability
  • Indoor and outdoor door and window tags available
  • Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4G)
  • Can be connected via Ethernet RJ-45 (10/100 Mbits)
  • No subscription fees
  • No charge to access the camera online
  • App available on the App Store / Google Play.
  • MicroSD card up to 32GB
  • 8 GB class 10 MicroSD card included
  • High-speed Internet connection needed
  • Size: 45mm X 45 mm X 155mm

Click to have a closer look and purchase the Neatamo Welcome from Amazon.

Click to view the Netamo Welcome in action

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Security Products For Travellers And Holidays

Holiday Security

When we are travelling or on our holidays, the last thing on our mind tends to be security!

However, it is wise to plan ahead and have a look at some of the best security products that are portable, lightweight and can bring added protection.

In the excitement of our holidays or trips away, it is easy to become focused on planning our excursion and pay little attention to our safety.

Bear in mind, we are most vulnerable when we are not in our natural environment and can not so easily sense danger or see when things do not ‘look right’.

In our local and well known environments, we can easily spot the danger areas or the most unwelcoming crime hot spots. Take away this local knowledge and we can become vulnerable without even realising it.

This can apply to a business trip in a different town or city to trekking across the globe.

The first priory should be to our immediate personal safety.

An alarm such as the sturdy and powerful Minder Personal Alarm is perfect for the more remote and prolonged trip away. The Minder offers the loudest alarm siren possible should you feel at risk of attack. If you prefer a more discreet alarm, the Elite Personal Alarm is a much smaller device suitable for even tiny pockets. It will even attach to shorts or a bikini via a built in clip if required. For more in depth advice on personal safety alarms, see our Personal Alarms page.

To help with safety in our accommodation, it is always wise to add extra door security wherever possible.

The Door Wedge Alarm is perfect for preventing forced entry through a hostel or hotel door. Not only will the alarm let you know that forced entry is being attempted, the actual door stop will prevent the door being pushed open further than a few inches.

The Door Jammer is also excellent at securing an internal door and requires a lot of effort from an intruder to force entry.

A lighter alternative is the very small but effective HowSar Temporary Door Lock. This little device can secure most internal doors from being pushed open. It is fitted and released in seconds to bring that extra bit of security.

For more open areas where we may sleep, rest or wash, door security may not be practical.

What is needed is a small, portable motion sensor. The Travel Guard Alarm can fulfil this role. It is not only a useful personal alarm, but a fully functioning mini PIR (motion sensor alarm). Place it pointing away from where you are resting or showering and it will let you know should anyone come near. A very handy security device for travellers.

Another area that is paid little attention to is drink spiking. This is where drugs or other substances are added to an unsuspecting victims drink whilst it is left unattended. Leaving a drink out of your site for even just a few seconds can be enough for someone to take advantage and drop something in it.

For bottles, we offer the AlcoTops Drink Protector. The cap can be fitted over the top of a bottle in seconds, making it much harder for the drink to be spiked. It is also extremely useful in hot climates to stop flies, wasps and other insects from getting inside the bottle!

We should all now be aware of the risk of phone theft or accidental drop damage. Phones are often snatched out of our hands in seconds by very accomplished thieves. This is not limited to under developed countries but certain European capitals and tourist attractions are plagued by this kind of theft. A MyBungee cord is an excellent way of keeping the phone close and safe from snatch theft.

It is recommend to keep a portable foil Space Blanket should you be trekking or hiking in remote locations. Even though the daytime temperature may be high, night can bring a significant drop in air temperature that may bring on hypothermia. It can even snow in Middle Eastern deserts under the right conditions. These tiny foil blankets can be a life saver in emergency situations. They are also handy to be taken on car trips in case of breakdowns.

For obvious reasons, we must secure our cash, passports, keys and other valuables that are at risk of theft.

One of the easiest ways to prevent theft of high value items is to hide them from view and kept out of obvious pockets. Robbers will look to steal from all the obvious places, including inner pockets. However, a Secret Pocket is a great way to hide these items completely! If they can’t find it, they can’t steal it! It is also a great way to add extra carrying capacity for smaller items.

An often overlooked security product is the Personal Safety Reflector. This little shiny device is attached to your bags or clothing and can help you be seen on dark roads. If a car headlight or torch shines in your direction, the light is reflected from the disc bringing extra attention to you. This can be extremely useful in poor lighting conditions that you may find on foreign roads and streets. It can also help you be found should you get lost in a remote location. Any lights pointed your way from potential searchers can be reflected back a considerable distance.

The Mini Wind Up Torch is a pocket sized torch that will never needs it batteries replacing! Slip one in your bag or pocket and you know you will always have light available. Just a few seconds of winding the charging handle will produce light in emergency situations. Wind the arm for a few minutes to fully charge the torch for prolonged light to help you in unlit conditions.

For those traveling to known high risk crime areas or less developed countries, a cut resistant shirt is recommended . The PPSS range of clothing will actually prevent a slashing knife or glass attack from penetrating the material and injuring (or worse) the wearer.

We must remember that the vast majority of trips away from home are without incident. However, you can reduce the risk of something happening to you by following a few of the tips given here.

See our range of security products for travellers and holidays.

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What to look for in a Security Camera?

CCTV Camera

Thinking of installing a CCTV or IP Surveillance camera? Some quick tips.

Installing one or more security cameras around the interior and exterior of your home is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and your family.

Surveillance cameras can detect burglars skulking around your home, housekeepers stealing your possessions and even nannies who are a danger to your precious children.

The prices of these cameras has dropped quite a bit in recent years, but it is still important to know what to look for.

Understanding your needs and the must have features for your security program will help you protect your family without breaking the bank.

Motion Detectors

One of the most important things to look for in a security camera is a motion detector.

Without a motion detector your camera will sit there and record the same unchanging landscape every day.

While the camera will record any suspicious activity, it will be time consuming and tedious to fast forward through all that tape in search of trouble.

By choosing a camera with a built in motion detector you can be assured that you will capture the scene only when the camera detects a change in the surrounding area.

Internet Connections

The ability to connect to the internet is critical for any type of surveillance camera, whether it is to be placed inside or outside your home.

With an internet connection you will be able to keep tabs on your home from work, or even while you are on holiday.

When shopping for a surveillance camera look for IP cameras – these cameras have a unique address that camera owners can use to watch the action from anywhere an internet connection is available.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is an important part of the security picture, especially if you plan to have a network of cameras around your home.

By combining a network of security cameras with a digital video recorder, or DVR, you can capture video to be played back and reviewed at a later date.

Most modern IP cameras will allow recording to an ‘on board’ micro SD or other storage card that means that no running PC or other storage device will be needed.

It may even be possible to send your recordings straight to a cloud service so virtually unlimited storage may be possible.

We believe a combination may be the best solution. Recording direct to a PC or a cameras internal storage card and also backing up to a Cloud service may be the safest way to protect your recordings.

Remote Audio

If you do see someone sneaking around your home the ability to speak to the would be intruder from your camera may be enough to scare that intruder away.

Many modern surveillance cameras include speakers that camera owners can use to communicate remotely, and this is an important feature to look for in any surveillance system.

Dummy IP Camera?

Without a doubt, a real CCTV / IP Camera installation will certainly aid in our security but there is another option if you find the cost or installation prohibitive.

Fitting a Dummy or Replica CCTV Camera should offer the same visual deterrent as a real camera but will obviously not record any video. They certainly are worth considering should you just need the visual threat of a good security system.


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What are UK legal Defence Sprays?

UK Legal Defence Spray

UK legal Defence Sprays were introduced into the UK over a decade ago but are still almost unheard of.

They are certainly not the same as pepper spray or CS gas sprays that are illegal in the UK. Possession or use of an illegal spray in the UK is a serious offence and will lead to arrest by the police.

The TIW Farbgel and Sabre Defence ID defence sprays contain no noxious or poisonous ingredients and are not designed to cause harm.

What they can do is mark, stain and deter an attacker with a bright dye that is extremely difficult to remove.

The Defence ID range will spray both a bright dye and also an invisible UV (ultra violet) dye to stain your assailant. The UV dye will only become visible if viewed under a police UV detector lamp, providing valuable evidence that the person was involved in the attack or crime.

Although the Farbgel spray only contains a bright dye, it is still the UK’s lowest cost and best selling defence spray. Due to its small size and proven reliability, it is now trusted with the defence of thousands in the UK.

The best time to use a UK legal Defence Spray is when you believe you will shortly be the victim of an assault or robbery.

Keep a distance from your potential attacker of a couple of metres if possible before discharging the spray at your assailant.

Try to aim for the face area to gain maximum affect. The pressure of the ballistic sprayed dye will force the subjects eyes to close.

You should now take a step to the side and move away from the attacker as fast as possible to the safest place you can find to summon either the police or other suitable assistance.

Once marked, your assailant will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to immediately remove the dye from their skin. The dye will also permanently stain their clothing.

Door Security Operatives and others in a security role can benefit from these types of Defence Sprays due to their higher chance of becoming a victim of assault or violence on a regular basis.

Once marked with the dye, report the attacker to the police. Your assailant will not be in a position to contest they were involved if they have clearly been marked with bright dye.

Is it legal to mark someone with a dye when faced with imminent or actual violent attack?

We are not legal gurus or lawyers, but we must rely on the UK laws allowing reasonable force to be applied against an attacker in our defence.  

Marking a potential or actual violent attacker with a harmless water based dye has got to be a better option, in the eyes of the law, than lashing out with a more lethal weapon (including a fist) to cause serious damage to your attacker.

With the use of these defence sprays, the preferred outcome is the least violent and damaging as possible. As explained, it can also assist police with the detection and arrest of a violent individual or potential rapist.

Who can argue that this type of non lethal, non damaging form of defence should not be used and on what basis can they justify that?

Obviously, these are the informed views of this website and as the laws on self defence are such a ‘grey’ area in the UK, you must make your own decisions on the actual use of the sprays and independent legal advice should be sought if you require more clarification.

However, we can confirm that both TIW (Temporary Identification Witness) Farbgel and Sabre Defence ID have been legally imported into the UK for a number of years now after being fully inspected by UK Customs and declared as legal to enter the United Kingdom.

Both types of sprays are currently sold by a number of reputable stores who do not allow the sale of any illegal products.

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Think like a thief to protect your home and property!

How aware are you to your risks of home crime and intruders?

Your home looks different to a thief than it does to you.

Criminals who burgle homes and victimise homeowners for a living look at the world much differently than those who play by the rules and abide by the law.

If you truly want to protect your home and get the best home security system, you need to step out of your comfort zone and see things through the eyes of a criminal.

You can start simply, with a walk around your home.

If you were a burglar, you would be looking for an easy way into the home.

The homeowner might not notice the lower windows propped open a crack, but a thief would gravitate to that entry point right away. The overgrown bush in the rear of your home might seem an eyesore, but a burglar will see it as a prime hiding spot.

Walking around your home with the mind-set of a criminal can be a real eye opener.

Things you might not have thought twice about, like an open first-floor window or an unlocked garage door, look different when seen through the eyes of a criminal.

After your first walk around the home, make a return trip with a notepad and pen.

Note the vulnerabilities you found on your first foray, and add new ones you notice the second time through. You can use that list to discuss home security with a professional, or buy new locks and do the work yourself.

You do not have to spend a fortune on a new alarm system or home security service to keep your family safe.

Something as simple as trimming shrubs and bushes to no more than window height can make your home safer and more attractive too.

We also supply a range of home security products that are quick and easy to install.

Making sure all windows and doors are locked is another simple way to secure your home and keep burglars at bay.

Many homeowners spend lots of time and money installing safety glass on their windows, but more than one third of burglars enter through the front door.

Installing new deadbolts on all your doors, and making sure family members use them, is one of the most effective ways to secure your home and protect your family.

Thinking like a criminal may not be a comfortable thing to do, but it can be enlightening.

Even if you think your home is locked down and secure, you may be overlooking vulnerabilities a burglar would spot in an instant.

Conducting your own home security audit is one of the best ways to keep yourself protected and keep your family safe.

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Simple checks to ensure your property is safe as can be ….

Secure Your Home

It is easy to take your home security for granted, especially if you live in a relatively safe neighbourhood.

Even so, crime can happen anywhere, and every homeowner is potentially at risk.

One of the best ways to keep your home and family safe is to perform a thorough home security audit several times a year. You do not have to pay a professional to do the work; you can do it yourself with nothing more than a discerning eye and a few simple tools.

Start by walking around the perimeter of your home and looking for potential entry points.

Those entry points could include unlocked windows, weak utility doors and broken basement windows.

Take note of any problems you find so they can be addressed promptly. You may be able to fix some of these issues on your own, while others will probably require the assistance of a contractor.

While you are on your security inspection, take a few minutes to look at the shrubbery and landscaping around your home. It is easy to overlook something like an overgrown bush or shrub, especially if it improves the look of your home.

Even so, what looks attractive to you could look enticing to a thief. A large shrub right in front of the window could give a crafty burglar a place to hide while they figure out a way to get into your home.

Trimming those overgrown bushes so they are no higher than the window could eliminate that potential hiding spot and keep your family safer.

Lighting is another important part of your home security, and another factor that is often overlooked. You may simply assume that all your lights are working properly, especially if you have lights designed to go on at dusk and off at dawn.

The failure of a single light could give burglars a chance to enter your home unobserved, so it is important to check those lights and make sure they are in working order.

Go outside after dark and look at your home objectively.

Is there a large spotlight illuminating the front door and exterior of the property?

Is the path well-lighted, or are there dark spots and shadows where a burglar could hide?

The answers to these questions will tell you a lot, so pay careful attention to them.

If you do have a home security system installed, make sure all the sensors are in place and working correctly.

The home monitoring service should be able to help you with this, but periodically checking the sensors yourself can give you extra piece of mind. Having a home monitoring system in place is great, but it is no substitute for your ongoing vigilance.

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Car Security And Accident Advice

Prevent Car Crime

How Safe is Your Car from Thieves?

The sad truth is that your car is really not safe from car thieves.  

It does not matter whether you have  luxury car, live in a nice neighbourhood, or lock your doors.

Car thefts have been increasing in  almost every major UK city and the trend is far from being over.

You must take preventative measures to protect your car before it gets stolen.  Here are some tips to prevent your car from being stolen.

Never leave valuables in your car

A lot of cars are being targeted today just because they have valuables inside of them.

Car thieves are not only looking to steal the car itself, but they also want to find cash, GPS units, mobile phones, and mp3 players. Having any of these items in plain sight in your car alone will increase the chance that you car will get stolen or broken into, so you should either remove them from the vehicle or hide them at the very least.

In terms of hiding the items, you should put them in the boot, under the seat, or at least cover them with a blanket.

Install a kill switch

If possible, you should install a kill switch on your vehicle. A kill switch is a button in your car that will stop the power from flowing to your ignition to start the car. This means that if a car thief tries to steal your car, it will stop the car from starting in the first place.

It is likely that you will need to have it installed by a repair technician and it will probably cost around £100-£200.

The thing is that you should make sure that the kill switch is well hidden inside of the vehicle so potential thieves can not find it and turn it off.

Speak to your local garage about the feasibility of installing the switch.

Always lock your car

Although this may sound like common sense, thousands of cars are stolen like this every year.

Some people will not lock their doors because they plan on leaving it unattended for a few minutes or maybe it is because they think the area is safe.

Whatever the reason, it is a completely dangerous practice that will not only increase the chance of the car getting stolen, but it will also endanger you because someone could be hiding in the car when you return.

Always lock your car every time you exit because it will only take a few minutes for someone to steal your stuff, the car, or hide inside of it.Cars have been stolen whilst the owner has being paying for petrol.

In the few minutes the car may have been left unlocked, the thief can steal the car or your possessions.

Always keep your windows closed

This is another way that thieves steal cars quite easily. Even if the doors are locked, they can still accomplish the same goal if the windows are down.The windows do not even have to completely down because it only takes a small crack to allow them to put a probing tool into your car to unlock it.

They could also reach into the vehicle and snatch any valuables they can find. It is understandable that some people leave the windows open because they may have children or pets in the car, but it is best that you take them with you inside of the location or leave them at home.

Keep the title and registration of the vehicle on your person or at home

It is essential that you either keep the title and registration with you or leave it at home because they can use that information to sell your vehicle more easily.

It will already be bad enough if they get a hold of your vehicle, but it will be even worse if they have those documents because it will be much easier for them to sell the vehicle and make everything seem legitimate.

Park in safe, well lit areas

Take the time choose a good parking space for your vehicle because it can make a difference.

Make the effort to find a parking space that is near the door or at least in a well lit area.

Your car should not be isolated and there should be other people and places near the car so people can see what is going on. This is especially important if you are parking in a large lot or parking garage.

Install a tracking system

Sometimes it is helpful to install a tracking system to help the police track your vehicle if it has been stolen.

You will be able to locate the vehicle any where as long as you have a tracking system.

Their does tend to be a monthly fee for using the tracking service once the actual tracking device has been fitted.

Obviously, it is recommended that you let law enforcement handle situation even if you know where the car is located.

Never leave your car running

This is yet another obvious tip that many people do not follow.

Never leave your car running under any circumstances if it is unattended.

People have not only had their cars stolen like this, but some people have actually had their kids stolen along with the car because they were in the car when it was stolen.

Leaving your car running eliminates all of the hassles thieves have to go through to get in and get the car started, so all they have to do is drive off. You may be tempted to start the engine in very cold conditions to warm the interior and defrost the windows and wait inside your home.

This is a bad practice as car thieves are aware of this during the colder months. They will look for the opportunity to steal you car, complete with keys.

A high profile footballer recently lost a very expensive car recently due to this practice.

Make your car hard to tow

Some car thieves will use tow trucks to steal cars and it can be more difficult to protect yourself against them.

What you can do is make the car more difficult to tow by parking a little bit differently. Backing into the parking space can make it more difficult for your car to be towed since most cars only have front wheel drive. You can also turn your wheels toward the curb when you park to make it more difficult for the car to be towed.

Unfortunately, car thefts have become quite common and it is not always easy to protect your car from thieves.

You will have to be street smart and take all of the precautions each and every time you leave your car whether it means hiding your valuables, locking your doors, or closing all of your windows.

Be sure to stay safe and contact law enforcement if you find yourself face to face with a car thief.

If you are involved in an accident or collision:

  • Stop your car as soon and as safely as you can.
  • Try not to leave your car blocking the entire road if possible. If the collision has been particularly hard, your car may not be able to be moved.
  • Activate your hazard warning signal lights if your vehicle is causing an obstruction.
  • Your fist concern should be if any injuries have been sustained. Check yourself and your passengers.
  • Leave the car and immediately move to a safe location, the pavement, hard shoulder or verge. People in a state of shock may wander into the road or around the car to inspect the damage.

Consider carrying an Emergency Life Hammer in your vehicle.

This device is designed to quickly cut jammed seatbelts to free trapped people. It is also able to very quickly break the vehicles windows to allow escape should the doors be stuck from the collision or if the vehicle is submerged under water.

An emergency Space Blanket will be very useful in an emergency situation to maintain body heat in colder conditions or to keep injured people warm. They are supplied very tightly packed and will easily fit in the clove compartment of most cars.

If any injuries have been sustained, immediately summon aid via the emergency services. It is also prudent to carry a First Aid Kit in the car for minor injuries.

Speak to the other driver (or drivers) to exchange insurance details and gain the registration details of all vehicles involved. Do not admit liability at this stage even if you believe it may be your fault.

Some insurance companies insist as part of their terms and conditions that you must not admit liability until the collision has been investigated.

Make notes of the position of all the vehicles involved and take photos if possible. It is also a good idea to take photos of the other vehicles damage to prevent claims being inflated or exaggerated at a later date.

You may need to supply details of the vehicles positions, direction and speed, road and light conditions to your insurance company.

Consider contacting the police. You should not dial the emergency number ‘999’, but the non emergency number ‘101’ unless urgent assistance is required.

All accidents should be reported to the police within 24hrs.

Try to remain calm and do not respond to other drivers in an aggressive manner. This will only escalate an already stressful situation.

If you feel threatened, inform the police immediately by phone using the emergency number ‘999’.

If the road surface or other street furniture has been damaged, the police must be informed.

If your car is not in a safe condition to drive, arrange for recovery by a local garage or contact an emergency breakdown service you may belong to.

Remember to remove any valuables and secure the vehicle. Thieves tend to look on unattended accident damaged vehicles as easy targets. Recovery should be arranged at the earliest opportunity.

As soon as practically possible, contact your insurance company to inform them of the incident. They will then commence the procedure to settle any claims for damage from you or from third parties.

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Preventing Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Identity theft can have a devastating affect on the life of the victim.

You may simply need to cancel your credit and debit cards but it can be much more serious if your bank account details have been compromised by someone claiming to be you.

The time and effort involved in correcting this type of fraud can be considerable.

We have put together seven steps that should  help protect you from this type of crime.

Seven Things You Must Do to Prevent Identify Theft:

Identity theft and fraud are on the increase, and it’s important to understand the potential risks and protect against them.
As well as the risk of financial loss, suffering identity theft can lead to problems obtaining loans and credit for years to come.
Protecting against identity theft is largely common sense, but criminals are getting increasingly sophisticated in their methods.

The following seven things will reduce your risk of suffering from this crime.

  • Protect your personal information.
    Never give personal information to someone unless you are sure who they are and what they will be using it for.
    Be very cautious if asked to disclose passwords or other security information on the telephone or in emails.
    Your National Insurance Number is a prime example of a piece of personal data which should be protected.
    Some companies may use your this number as an identification number and publish it on documents which may be seen by others.
    If you notice this is the case, ask to have the identification number changed to something else.
  • Protect your mail.
    Many people believe that identity theft originates online, but criminals accessing mail is still a common problem.
    If you have an external mailbox, arrange to collect your mail as soon as you can, and make alternative arrangements if you are away from home.
    Your mail contains personal data and account numbers which criminals can use for fraudulent purposes. One small piece of personal data is all that a smart criminal needs to create a duplicate identity.
  • Be aware and alert.
    Checking credit card bills and bank statements is an easy way to spot the early signs of identity theft.
    If you notice any suspicious activity, contact the company concerned and ask questions.
    Make a habit of obtaining and reviewing your credit report on a regular basis. Criminals use stolen identities to apply for loans and credit, and keeping a close eye on your credit report can prevent this.
    If you notice that you aren’t receiving credit card or other regular bills, this can be a warning sign that criminals have diverted them to another address.
    As with all crime, being alert is the easiest form of prevention.
  • Be sensible online.
    Online frauds are increasingly sophisticated, but simple precautions can prevent you from becoming the next victim.
    Never send sensitive information such as bank account numbers by email.
    Keep anti-virus software and other security protections up to date.
    Any passwords which you use online should contain a mixture of letters and numbers, and be sufficiently long that they are difficult to guess.
    If you visit an online shopping site and have any suspicions that it may not be genuine, leave the site immediately.
    Banks and credit card companies will not ask for password and sensitive data in emails, so ring the company concerned if you ever receive messages like this.
  • Act quickly if you lose your wallet or purse.
    credit Losing a card or items containing personal data can be the start of an identity theft nightmare.
    If these items fall into the wrong hands and you don’t act quickly enough, things can go from bad to worse.
    Contact your bank and credit card provider as soon as you realise you have lost any important cards or documents.
    Ask if there have been any transactions since you lost the items, and request that accounts be frozen and new cards issued for them.
  • Keep personal information secure at home.
    If your home is broken into, thieves may target personal documents and information as well as valuables.
    They may use these for identity theft purposes themselves, or sell them on to other criminals.
    Keep important documents out of sight, and lock them in a drawer or case if possible.
  • Keep your finances simple.
    Having several credit cards can be a convenient way to manage your finances, but it also increases the risk of suffering fraud.
    The more credit cards and financial products you have, the greater your risk of information falling into the wrong hands.
    Finance companies may identify you as someone likely to take more products and start to send marketing materials to you.
    If these mail shots fall into the wrong hands, there is a risk of criminals applying for credit cards and loans in your name.
    Criminals tend to look for easy targets, and taking these seven steps will make it very hard for them to obtain your personal information and commit fraud against you.