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Security Products For Travellers And Holidays

Holiday Security

When we are travelling or on our holidays, the last thing on our mind tends to be security!

However, it is wise to plan ahead and have a look at some of the best security products that are portable, lightweight and can bring added protection.

In the excitement of our holidays or trips away, it is easy to become focused on planning our excursion and pay little attention to our safety.

Bear in mind, we are most vulnerable when we are not in our natural environment and can not so easily sense danger or see when things do not ‘look right’.

In our local and well known environments, we can easily spot the danger areas or the most unwelcoming crime hot spots. Take away this local knowledge and we can become vulnerable without even realising it.

This can apply to a business trip in a different town or city to trekking across the globe.

The first priory should be to our immediate personal safety.

An alarm such as the sturdy and powerful Minder Personal Alarm is perfect for the more remote and prolonged trip away. The Minder offers the loudest alarm siren possible should you feel at risk of attack. If you prefer a more discreet alarm, the Elite Personal Alarm is a much smaller device suitable for even tiny pockets. It will even attach to shorts or a bikini via a built in clip if required. For more in depth advice on personal safety alarms, see our Personal Alarms page.

To help with safety in our accommodation, it is always wise to add extra door security wherever possible.

The Door Wedge Alarm is perfect for preventing forced entry through a hostel or hotel door. Not only will the alarm let you know that forced entry is being attempted, the actual door stop will prevent the door being pushed open further than a few inches.

The Door Jammer is also excellent at securing an internal door and requires a lot of effort from an intruder to force entry.

A lighter alternative is the very small but effective HowSar Temporary Door Lock. This little device can secure most internal doors from being pushed open. It is fitted and released in seconds to bring that extra bit of security.

For more open areas where we may sleep, rest or wash, door security may not be practical.

What is needed is a small, portable motion sensor. The Travel Guard Alarm can fulfil this role. It is not only a useful personal alarm, but a fully functioning mini PIR (motion sensor alarm). Place it pointing away from where you are resting or showering and it will let you know should anyone come near. A very handy security device for travellers.

Another area that is paid little attention to is drink spiking. This is where drugs or other substances are added to an unsuspecting victims drink whilst it is left unattended. Leaving a drink out of your site for even just a few seconds can be enough for someone to take advantage and drop something in it.

For bottles, we offer the AlcoTops Drink Protector. The cap can be fitted over the top of a bottle in seconds, making it much harder for the drink to be spiked. It is also extremely useful in hot climates to stop flies, wasps and other insects from getting inside the bottle!

We should all now be aware of the risk of phone theft or accidental drop damage. Phones are often snatched out of our hands in seconds by very accomplished thieves. This is not limited to under developed countries but certain European capitals and tourist attractions are plagued by this kind of theft. A MyBungee cord is an excellent way of keeping the phone close and safe from snatch theft.

It is recommend to keep a portable foil Space Blanket should you be trekking or hiking in remote locations. Even though the daytime temperature may be high, night can bring a significant drop in air temperature that may bring on hypothermia. It can even snow in Middle Eastern deserts under the right conditions. These tiny foil blankets can be a life saver in emergency situations. They are also handy to be taken on car trips in case of breakdowns.

For obvious reasons, we must secure our cash, passports, keys and other valuables that are at risk of theft.

One of the easiest ways to prevent theft of high value items is to hide them from view and kept out of obvious pockets. Robbers will look to steal from all the obvious places, including inner pockets. However, a Secret Pocket is a great way to hide these items completely! If they can’t find it, they can’t steal it! It is also a great way to add extra carrying capacity for smaller items.

An often overlooked security product is the Personal Safety Reflector. This little shiny device is attached to your bags or clothing and can help you be seen on dark roads. If a car headlight or torch shines in your direction, the light is reflected from the disc bringing extra attention to you. This can be extremely useful in poor lighting conditions that you may find on foreign roads and streets. It can also help you be found should you get lost in a remote location. Any lights pointed your way from potential searchers can be reflected back a considerable distance.

The Mini Wind Up Torch is a pocket sized torch that will never needs it batteries replacing! Slip one in your bag or pocket and you know you will always have light available. Just a few seconds of winding the charging handle will produce light in emergency situations. Wind the arm for a few minutes to fully charge the torch for prolonged light to help you in unlit conditions.

For those traveling to known high risk crime areas or less developed countries, a cut resistant shirt is recommended . The PPSS range of clothing will actually prevent a slashing knife or glass attack from penetrating the material and injuring (or worse) the wearer.

We must remember that the vast majority of trips away from home are without incident. However, you can reduce the risk of something happening to you by following a few of the tips given here.

See our range of security products for travellers and holidays.

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