UK Legal Defence Sprays Guide

UK Legal Defence Sprays

What are Criminal Identifiers / Defence Sprays?

Criminal Identifier Sprays contain no noxious substances or chemicals and are not designed to injure or cause harm to others.

Have a look at the best available in the UK.

Do not get these products confused with CS Gas or Pepper Sprays that are illegal in the UK.

defence_sprays_dye (2)They have been developed to be legal in the UK and are currently stocked by many responsible UK stores for more than ten years.

Although Pepper Spray is legal in most of the world, including most of Europe, it is not legal in the UK.

Do not be tempted to purchase Pepper Spray in a European Country for use in the UK as you will be breaking the law in this county.

Criminal identifiers should be used as a last resort against burglars or attackers in your home or other place of residence.

They should not be used as a toy or discharged against others for fun.

They should be kept out of reach of children who may be tempted to play with them and inadvertently stain themselves, your carpets or walls etc.

The use of a spray accomplishes the following:

The attacker will initially be surprised and disorientated by the use of the criminal marker.

Their natural reaction will be to immediately try to wipe or remove the spray gel from themselves but this is not easily done.

You will now have a chance to make your escape and create as much noise as possible to bring the attention of police, passers-by or other homeowners.


The Defence ID 19ml and Defence ID 66ml also contain a UV marker dye that the criminal will not be aware that he has been coated with. He will attempt to remove the visible dye stain on his skin, but unbeknown to him, has also been marked with an invisible UV marker.

This marker can be illuminated by police should he be arrested and has had time to remove (already a difficult thing to do) the bright dye.

The suspect can now be identified as your attacker by being scanned with a police UV detector lamp which will leave little doubt that they are indeed the person involved in your attack.

Treat the gel discharged just as you would with food dye. It will stain most surfaces permanently so please only test the product on something you are willing to throw away.

These products are only for use in self-defence and should be used solely as a last resort and at all times in accordance with the law. Improper use and/or possession of this product may result in civil and/or criminal liability for the user. Eight Rivers Security accept no liability for improper use or possession of these products. Although other sellers advise carrying these devices on a day to day basis, we strongly believe they should be stored at home and not carried in a public place. Police officers or other law enforcement officers may not immediately recognise or understand that these devices are non noxious and not designed to cause injury so may question the carrier as to their legality. We strongly advise they are not carried in a public environment due to this.

All these sprays have been designed for use in the UK and have been examined and cleared by UK Customs as legal for entrance into the UK.