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What are UK legal Defence Sprays?

UK Legal Defence Spray

UK legal Defence Sprays were introduced into the UK over a decade ago but are still almost unheard of.

They are certainly not the same as pepper spray or CS gas sprays that are illegal in the UK. Possession or use of an illegal spray in the UK is a serious offence and will lead to arrest by the police.

The TIW Farbgel and Sabre Defence ID defence sprays contain no noxious or poisonous ingredients and are not designed to cause harm.

What they can do is mark, stain and deter an attacker with a bright dye that is extremely difficult to remove.

The Defence ID range will spray both a bright dye and also an invisible UV (ultra violet) dye to stain your assailant. The UV dye will only become visible if viewed under a police UV detector lamp, providing valuable evidence that the person was involved in the attack or crime.

Although the Farbgel spray only contains a bright dye, it is still the UK’s lowest cost and best selling defence spray. Due to its small size and proven reliability, it is now trusted with the defence of thousands in the UK.

The best time to use a UK legal Defence Spray is when you believe you will shortly be the victim of an assault or robbery.

Keep a distance from your potential attacker of a couple of metres if possible before discharging the spray at your assailant.

Try to aim for the face area to gain maximum affect. The pressure of the ballistic sprayed dye will force the subjects eyes to close.

You should now take a step to the side and move away from the attacker as fast as possible to the safest place you can find to summon either the police or other suitable assistance.

Once marked, your assailant will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to immediately remove the dye from their skin. The dye will also permanently stain their clothing.

Door Security Operatives and others in a security role can benefit from these types of Defence Sprays due to their higher chance of becoming a victim of assault or violence on a regular basis.

Once marked with the dye, report the attacker to the police. Your assailant will not be in a position to contest they were involved if they have clearly been marked with bright dye.

Is it legal to mark someone with a dye when faced with imminent or actual violent attack?

We are not legal gurus or lawyers, but we must rely on the UK laws allowing reasonable force to be applied against an attacker in our defence.  

Marking a potential or actual violent attacker with a harmless water based dye has got to be a better option, in the eyes of the law, than lashing out with a more lethal weapon (including a fist) to cause serious damage to your attacker.

With the use of these defence sprays, the preferred outcome is the least violent and damaging as possible. As explained, it can also assist police with the detection and arrest of a violent individual or potential rapist.

Who can argue that this type of non lethal, non damaging form of defence should not be used and on what basis can they justify that?

Obviously, these are the informed views of this website and as the laws on self defence are such a ‘grey’ area in the UK, you must make your own decisions on the actual use of the sprays and independent legal advice should be sought if you require more clarification.

However, we can confirm that both TIW (Temporary Identification Witness) Farbgel and Sabre Defence ID have been legally imported into the UK for a number of years now after being fully inspected by UK Customs and declared as legal to enter the United Kingdom.

Both types of sprays are currently sold by a number of reputable stores who do not allow the sale of any illegal products.

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