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Window Shock Alarm

A Window Shock Alarm or Window Vibration Alarm is a small but loud alarm that is easy to fit to any window in your home.

If someone tries to force entry via the window, the alarm is triggered.

If someone tries to force or break the window, the 110 decibel alarm will sound to shock and deter the intruder. As well as the loud alarm, a bright red warning sign on the self-adhesive sticker included provides a visual deterrent.

This window shock alarm has two sensitivity settings (high and low). It can also be used on glass door panels. The high sensitivity setting is for larger windows or door panels and the low setting is more suitable for smaller windows.

Due to it's small size, a shock alarm can be used to protect other household items such as tv's, computers, DVD players, cabinets etc.

Price: £6.49

Availability: In Stock

Model: Window Shock Alarm

Type: Vibration Alarm

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Additional Information:

• Powerful 110 dBs Siren

• Low battery indicator

• Detects forced entry on glass

• Simply stick onto the window - no screws or wiring

• Adjustable Sensitivity

• 4 X LR44 Batteries (supplied and fitted)

• Dimensions: Length 68 mm. Width 37 mm. Depth 18 mm

• 1 Year Warranty

Window Shock Alarm fitted to window Window Shock Alarm






Please Choose Quantity:

One Alarm

Two Alarms

Four Alarms

Installation and Operation

1. Using the double-sided adhesive tape provided, mount the window shock alarm on the glass of the window or door to be protected (The side printed “Warning” should be attached to the window for external visibility to deter forced entry).

2. To arm the unit, toggle the switch to “Hi” or “Lo” position. “Hi” position provides more sensitivity for a larger area; “Lo” position is more suitable for use in a smaller area.

3. To test, gently knock on several positions around the edge of the window with a small screwdriver or metal object where the window alarm is mounted.

4. To disarm the window alarm, toggle the switch to the OFF position.

NOTE: When testing, a cloth can be used to cover the alarm siren to reduce the risk of hearing damage.

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